Lead411's 2010 Technology 500

Meet Lead411's Technology 500 for 2010! With over 1000 company applicants we have whittled the list down to the top 500 tech companies. The rankings are derived by calculating the highest percentage revenue growth from the year 2007 to the year 2009. To qualify all companies must be a United States private company that earned over $1M in revenues in the year 2009.

1Pontiflex, Inc.599,999,900%$6.0MBrooklynNY
2Scale Computing551,642,500%$5.5MIndianapolisIN
3Collections Marketing Center (CMC)489,999,900%$4.9MWilmingtonDE
4accesso, LLC329,999,900%$3.3MLake MaryFL
6Digitalsmiths299,999,900%$3.0MResearch Triangle ParkNC
7Charter Auction LLC299,999,900%$3.0MPortsmouthNH
8WorkSpace Communications295,599,900%$3.0MOverland ParkKS
9Pendo Systems Inc.286,627,400%$2.9MNewarkNJ
10Pyntail249,999,900%$2.5MLos AngelesCA
11PointAbout, Inc229,999,900%$2.3MWashingtonDC
12Oggifinogi 199,999,900%$2.0MBellevueWA
13ADEPTOL199,999,900%$2.0MSanta ClaraCA
14PeopleMatter 149,999,900%$1.5MNorth CharlestonSC
15ecoATM129,999,900%$1.3MSan DiegoCA
16WorthPoint Corporation129,999,900%$1.3MAtlantaGA
17Spongecell122,029,900%$1.2MNew YorkNY
18365 Hangers119,999,900%$1.2MLos AngelesCA
19Evangelyze Communications119,999,900%$1.2MHoustonTX
20PerformLine, Inc114,999,900%$1.2MNew YorkNY

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