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Spongecell Creates Ads You Want to Click On

These days, with so many flashing, annoying ads popping up on websites, it's hard to get people's attention. And Ben Kartzman, CEO of Spongecell, knows this well. When banner ads on websites first came out, "people would click on the banner ads without knowing where it was taking them," says Kartzman. And the trust level went down

Today, advertisers try all kinds of bells and whistles to get people's attention. Like those ads that blanket the entire screen? Eighty percent of people find them irritating. So how do you reach consumers online? [...]

It's Simple: Cash for Electronics on Gazelle.com

Keep It Simple, Stupid could be the motto for Gazelle. Gazelle touts itself as a dead-simple to use site for trading in electronics for cash. And that simplicity is what has it on awards lists like Lead411's Technology 500 and Inc. 500, and accounts for the fact that the company raked in $8.3 million in revenues in 2009.

"The customer experience that we've created is our best marketing channel," says Dan Smith, Vice President of Marketing at Gazelle. The company is, he says, obsessed with simplifying the customer experience. [...]

Intercall: Choice, Flexibility & Quality

You get what you pay for.

It's an adage we've heard over and over, but nowhere is it more true than the conferencing service industry. Kathleen Finato, CMO for Intercall, says that in a world of allegedly free conference call services, her company is standing out thanks to its quality calls and custom-based communications solutions.

"Free isn't always free," she says, referring to the plethora of free conferencing services known for dropped calls, staticky lines and difficult-to-navigate customer support. [...]

PointAbout Inc.'s Got a Mobile Strategy for Your Company

He's big in Germany (or rather his company is), and he's not David Hasselhoff. His company spent virtually zero dollars on advertising in 2009, and yet raked in 2.3 million in revenues for the year. His company has won Webbys, and Seth Godin is a fan.

Meet Scott Suhy, CEO of PointAbout Inc. PointAbout is one of the finalists in Lead411's Technology 500 roundup, and we wanted to get inside the head of this mastermind of mobile phone apps to see what makes him and his company tick. [...]

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