Where do you get your email addresses?

Our email addresses come from a combination of SMTP Email Verification AND crowdsourced data. The verification/acquisition depends on the scenario. Please see below.

SMTP Email Servers That Allow Verification – 99% Confidence Rating

Some email servers allow certain commands to be sent to them in order to see if the email address is indeed a working email address. In these situations we take the email data we have crowdsourced/acquired and then test them to see if they are accurate. For the email addresses of these servers, our confidence level is @ 99% for how“accurate” these emails are.

For Catch-All Email Servers – 87% Confidence Rating

Some email servers do not allow for email address verification. For these servers we 1) search the web for the most common email formats for that specific domain AND 2) search our acquired/crowdsourced emails for the mostcommon email formats for that domain. From there we have percentages of which formats are most likely. From there we will keep/display the crowdsourced/acquired emails that are within the typical formats of that domain. For the people where we do NOT have emails we will append the most popular email format. From what we have seen these emails are roughly 87% accurate.