What is Data Append?

Data Append is located at the top of the page and is only available in the Enterprise subscription. Click on the icon that looks like a stack of coins. This will give you 3 options – Company Name, Employee Match and Get Employee. If you have incomplete information in an old CRM, have a list of people with missing contact information, a list of companies missing headquarter location, or perhaps you want to search a few hundred companies specifically for certain titles … Data Append can help you.

Company Match

You will need simple URLs (no www or http or //) in a csv format. Upload that csv in the Company Match section. We will search for any matches found in our database. If we find matches, we will fill in the blanks (headquarter location, EE size, revenue, industry etc) and return the completed file to you on this page.

Employee Match

You will need a csv with 3 columns of information:
firstname/ lastname/ url (of where that person is working)

You can upload that csv file on the Employee Match page and we will look for matches and fill in the missing information like email, title, company information.

Get Employee

If you have a list of companies that you want to target specifically and you need contacts from these companies, this is the feature for you. You will need a csv of the simple URLs of the companies that you wish to target. You can enter the titles of the prospects that you wish to receive from each of those companies. This will instruct our database to look for matching URLs, if it finds a matching URL then it will look for the titles of people that you instructed it to look for. The matches will be populated into a spreadsheet that will return on this page. You may need to refresh and come back to the page.