Lead411 + PipelineDeals + Linkedin Integration

We have had a lot of customers ask for an integration with PipelineDeals. “PipelineDeals is the first sales productivity platform to combine sales engagement and CRM in one simple app.” – We had our first integration with them a couple of months ago, but we have recently made some MAJOR changes to make it this much faster. If you are PipelineDeals customer please let us know if you need help connecting their API to your account. In the video below I set it up so that PipelineDeals is my “Default” CRM so that I can easily export AND see who is already in my PipelineDeals account.

SugarCRM + Linkedin + Lead411 + Integration

Sales and marketing is not just about leads, contacts and more revenues. It is also about speed. How fast can I get data from here to there. This year we have grown our customer base by 50+%. Some of these customers are more sophisticated than our previous customers and they are asking for more developed features.

One thing we have been regularly asked about are integrations. How can we get the Lead411 data, emails and contact information into our CRM or other sales automation tools with little amounts of work? We recently integrated with a ton of new tools and we also have created a new chrome extension that can pull data from different web pages… a company’s website, linkedin, etc. On top of that we can we verify work emails using different methods. This new plugin works as a connector to all of the different programs and data that is available on the web… Please see our video below.

Lead411 now integrates with Insightly

Insightly has been growing quite fast and because of that we have been getting more and more requests to integrate with their CRM solution. So we decided to listen to you and we have now made that integration possible. Please see below for a quick video on how to push data directly into their system. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make it better.

Using LinkedIn Groups to Brand Yourself

If you’re actively looking for ways to brand yourself using social media, LinkedIn is a great tool to add to your armory. In general, it serves as your public resume, with your job experience, testimonials and other social widgets being available for viewing by anyone interested in looking at your profile. But Groups are a whole other level of branding to consider.

LinkedIn offers members the chance to join different groups to connect to other likeminded folks. There are groups for Telecom professionals, marketing experts (that’s my group!), design pros, IT folks and so much more. There’s a group for just about any professional industry or interest you could imagine!

Getting Started with Groups

The first step is to consider what type of group you should join. You can start with people who have the same profession as you, but realize that probably won’t net you much new business. If it’s new customers you’re seeking, look for groups in the industries you serve. That might be a small business group, or one in a niche, like oil and gas.

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Sales and Marketing People On The Move – 5/9/2011

LinkedIn brings in a number of new additions to their marketing team. Clive Punter will be taking on the role of Global Managing Director of Marketing Solutions, and will be based in London.  Google Canada’s former Country Manager Jonathan Lister will now be taking on the role of Vice President, North America Sales for Marketing Solutions. Alison Engel also, joins the team as the company’s new Director of Field Marketing for Marketing Solutions.

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LinkedIn Hits The 100 Million Mark in Membership Count

LinkedIn says they’re the largest professional network on the World Wide Web. And nobody’s contesting that, even the numbers unanimously agree.

LinkedIn recently announced that they have reached a major milestone this year, and that is counting 100 million professionals from all over the world as part of their ever expanding network.

And the numbers continue to grow. In fact, it’s growing at such a fast rate, that LinkedIn can safely say that the site registers faster than one member per second.

This is exciting news for LinkedIn, but this is also something that site users should be thrilled about. Why? Because this translates to more connections, and greater potential to improve your business/professional reach.

LinkedIn Breaks Down What 100 Million Members Mean Source: http://blog.linkedin.com/2011/03/22/linkedin-100-million/

Growing at a rapid rate, LinkedIn is now being used in more than 200 countries and territories from all over the globe. Based on the statistics above, a considerably large number (about 56 million) of registered site users are from outside of the U.S.

LinkedIn users are spread out all over the world. So whether you want to find a supplier within the United States (which has 44 million LinkedIn users), or perhaps connect with a business professional in Brazil, you are sure to find the site to be a useful asset.

The company gives the biggest credit to their beloved users, whose connections, experiences, and shared information make the LinkedIn experience even richer, and the online professional network even bigger.

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LinkedIn Enhances Company Searches

If you’ve searched for company details, former colleagues, or had wanted more information from industry experts, you’ve probably signed up for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a huge network for business professionals who wish to stay connected with other people within the industry, and establish their professional identity online.

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