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Build and purchase a one-time B2B Email list of Verified Email Addresses in your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) or buy a subscription to the #1 unlimited B2B email database with a proven 96% accuracy rate for verified emails.

We know that not all customers need a subscription, so we offer the ability to buy B2B leads database by building a custom B2B email list from our industry leading B2B Email Database to utilize as you see fit.

Once you fill out the required form including your ideal customer profile and how many leads you usually need to fill your pipeline each month, a Sales Representative will contact you to discuss your needs in greater detail,  build out a custom list and quote an affordable price so  that you can download and use immediately!

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How it works – Unlimited B2B Email Database

Unmatched Quality

We triple verify the contacts in our unlimited B2B database using our algorithm, A.I. methods and human research. Besides contact emails you will receive social profiles, B2B direct dial phone numbers, industry data, and both office main and direct phone numbers. Our email data goes beyond just a server ping. We verify through send technology, meaning emails are sent and if a message is opened by a real person, we can verify it as a valid address. For a longer term solution please check out our subscriptions that are similar to a zoominfo competitor solution or check out our contact enrichment api.

You can build a list with our Unlimited B2B Contact Database using a variety of criteria for contact details including:

  • Title Search
  • Employee Level (i.e. VP, Director, Manager)
  • Limit Results to (1-5) Employees Per Company
  • Location, Country, State, Zip, City Limits
  • Companies Currently Hiring
  • Industry Search
  • Employee Skills, School, Languages, Patent, Certifications, Awards
  • Technologies Used
  • Company Size
  • Revenue
  • Public or Private Companies and More

Millions of leads produced for thousands of happy customers.

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