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Millions Of Verified B2B Contact Records

Companies that are hiring for lead generation or companies who need help hiring; we have the data for both.

Hiring Intent

Find Companies That Are Hiring Now

Our growth intent will find companies that are currently hiring, planning on hiring, or planning on opening new locations so you can engage with the ideal companies today.

Lead411 Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Place Candidates In The Right Jobs

Our chrome extension allows you to engage with people that are looking for their next career move. Save time and place people in the right position quickly.

Ease Of Use

Advanced Search

Find people based on technologies used, employee skills, school alumni, fluent languages, certifications and more.

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Why Choose Lead411?

Our sales intelligence tracks key company events that indicate hiring and growth. Place into companies at the perfect time and get to your R.O.I quicker.

Quality Data

The Only Provider With Triple Verified Emails


Email Verification

The email addresses in our database are verified using SMTP, human-verified, and email open validation.


Live A.I. Research

If an email address isn’t currently in our database, use our A.I. based research tool on the fly to find the best possible match.


Re-Verification Schedule

We have an unmatched email verification schedule compared to the competition; all of our emails are re-verified every 3-6 months.

Phone Numbers

Double Verified B2B Direct Dials

Phone prospecting is one of the more labor-intensive activities in the space. Dialing to numbers that are out of date, general information lines or incorrect is not only ineffective, but it’s also incredibly frustrating. You can change all of that. Be more successful with Lead411’s double verified B2B direct dials.

Human Verified

Our vendors ensure we supply the most accurate phone numbers to ensure the right recipient gets your call.

Location Match

We determine if the phone number matches any of the locations where the recipient has worked either currently or in the past to ensure its accuracy.

Lead411 is an essential part of my business. There are several things that I like best about Lead411. To name a few, I like the platform’s simplicity, accuracy, Chrome Extension, and depth of information users are able to receive about prospect businesses.

DeAngelo Burse, MS

Founder & CEO, Breakroom Huddle

Search for people or businesses globally — Lead411 allows me to get very specific search classifications dependent on technographic, firmographics, media, previous results, etc. It’s a wonderful way of identifying competitors from the individuals your business usually targets. It provides the capability to search for your database using a wide range of options, such as staff number, income, region, zip code, etc.

Agata Morrow

Sales and Marketing Specialist, Bee

We’ve used Zoominfo and other sources and Lead411 is by far the best for the money. Love the data that they bring to your doorstep each day of company changes etc. Really helps to narrow marketing to situational Emerging Opportunities. I would highly recommend Lead411. This is a feature-rich program that gives us more than what we originally came to this program for.

Rhett Kasparian

CEO & President, Notus Human Capital

Millions of leads produced for thousands of happy customers.

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Success Stories

Great product and value

Rhett Kasparian
CEO & President
Notus Human Capital

Great information

Shella Keller
Marketing Strategist
Applied Imaging

More comprehensive than their competitors such as zoominfo

Zachary Bachman
Business Development
Retail Construction Services

Lead411 for a decade

Brian Maloney
Brokerage Agent
Unified Energy Services

Lead411 is an essential part of my business

DeAngelo Burse, MS
Founder & CEO
Breakroom Huddle

Better than Seamless

Brian Rood
President & Insurance Broker Consultant
DG Benefits Company

Totally worth the investment

Daniel Murphy
Aldres Marketing

Lead411 often has info on customers not available in ZoomInfo

Neil Holcomb
Sales Manager
Sage Management

Words cannot express my thankfulness because of how accurate the email addresses are. Thank you Lead411!

Dawn Marie Raczka
Executive VP of Business Development

Best way to build highly targeted cold outreach lists I’ve found

Mark Pitre
Sales, Marketing & Product Development Specialist
Right Here Interactive

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