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Benefits of our Chrome Extension

Work emails, phone numbers and titles populate as you work. The Lead411 Chrome extension automatically displays company intelligence, including contact and company details and overviews.

One-click update your CRM

Because Lead411 supports more than 25 CRM platforms, users can upload newly discovered company or contact information to their CRM directly from the Chrome extension.

Research as you work

Quickly discover additional company or contact information with a quick search directly from the extension. You can easily toggle between Gmail and Lead411 without having to re-enter information or multiple log-ins.

What a time saver!

Sean Washington
Sales Director - Flex IT

A great resource, informative email updates, insights and relevant business intelligence.

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Mace Bergmann Mace Bergmann Account Development Specialist

Your key to connecting to market leaders and technology innovators worldwide!

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Catherine Soto Catherine Soto Account Manager

Lead411 is the next generation of prospecting.

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Jim Villarreal Jim Villarreal Automation Specialist

Excellent value for the amount of quality leads along with outstanding customer service!

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Clint Vogel Clint Vogel Insurance Sales Specialist and Marketing

All Major Sales Triggers For Enterprise Prospects

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Michael Murphy Michael Murphy National Account Manager

Really Slick Platform to Crank up your Outbound Leads…

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Steven Jacobson Steven Jacobson Salesforce ISV Enterpreneur

Fantastic experience. Reliable, fast and great source of intelligence for our teams…

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Ben Edmond Ben Edmond Chief Revenue Officer

Great Company, Great People, and of course, Great Data…

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Joshua Natella Joshua Natella Driving Commerce Through Technology

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Who is Lead411?

Lead411 is a B2B Lead Intelligence software platform that provides corporate and contact context to sales and marketing teams in order to increase their lead identification and conversion rates. Lead411’s verified list development technology turbo-charges marketing programs with high quality target lists that are more accurate and reliable than those acquired by traditional methods. With Lead411, customers get accurate contact information and a well- rounded view of their prospect’s business so they can identify the best opportunity to pitch and close deals. For more information or to schedule a demo, please email or visit our website at

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