Hubspot Pricing, Info and CRM Review for 2024

What makes Hubspot a good choice as a CRM? 


Hubspot 2024 Review: A Lead411 Integrated CRM

Hubspot is a cloud based CRM system that prides itself on simplicity for its customers.  Most B2B customers utilize the CRM for tracking and nurturing leads (both inbound and outbound) with management capabilities within the sales pipeline.  

As a Hubspot integrator, many of Lead411 customers utilize Hubspot through outbound nurturing and outreach.  In this review, we will take a look at Hubspot’s key functionality, seamless integration with Lead411, and how customers can get the most out of this robust CRM platform.

Hubspot Pricing

HubSpot Plans and Pricing

Hubspot offers 3 plans outside of their free plan.  Here is a breakdown of each plan.  Starter, Professional and Enterprise starting at $1200 a month, there is an option for almost any sized business.

What Hubspot can do

Key Features

When it comes to features, Hubspot has a well rounded platform that is helpful in many different ways.  From managing leads, to sales automation, Hubspot makes it easy to get organized and optimized from a sales perspective.

Here are some of the key features:

Sales Automation 

You can send sequences directly from the platform via email or call reminders, so following up with prospects is a breeze.  Email Templates are easy to create, and notification messages alert you when a prospect opens email or an attachment.  You can also call directly from the platform.

*Note – if you are looking for this same capability, Lead411 has similar features built-in with Reach, our Sales Engagement Automation feature.  Not only can you set up email and call sequences, but you can also integrate SMS texting into your cadences as well. 

Lead411 Contact Enrichment CRM Enrichment

Sales Pipeline Management

Tracking deals through the pipeline is relatively easy with Hubspot.  You can edit and add/remove custom properties to reflect your sales as they move down through the pipeline.  

At-a-glance, users can see new deals, meetings, proposals that are outstanding and deals closed.


Hubspot has a few pre-built templates that contain reports including new contacts and revenue by source.  The higher the plan, the more dashboards you can create.

Lead Scoring

This is more of an enterprise feature, but Lead Scoring with Hubspot can be created to qualify your leads based on the criteria you set.  Lead411 also integrates lead scoring when researching data.  You can view the companies on the move (recent hiring, funding, new locations etc)  and export prospects within those companies.  


HubSopt offers live chat to help customers answer questions but also has a very large library of information. Articles include tips for emailing, cold calling, you name it.  Hubspot has a plethora of information to help customers get the most out of their platform.

Key Points

While there are many options for sales based CRMs out there, including, SalesLoft,, Keap and others, Hubspot seems to be the go to if you’re looking for an option that is easy to set up, understand and utilize from day one.  Its best to start with a free plan and see if it checks the boxes for your organization and then work your way up based on the features you need.  It’s also best to start with Lead411 and integrate so you can see how easy it is to feed prospects into Reach to see if it will fit your needs, so that your organization can save some money without adding another solution.  Either way, Hubspot and Lead411 are a good combo if you are on a high growth path and want to close more deals quickly.