Zoominfo Chrome Extension vs. Lead411 Chrome Extension Comparison for 2024

Zoominfo B2B Intent vs Bombora B2B Intent

Zoominfo Chrome Extension vs. Lead411 Chrome Extension

If you are looking for a google chrome extension that helps you find and utilize prospect data while you search various corporate websites or social websites like Linkedin, you have probably come across 2 of the top choices Zoominfo Chrome Extension and Lead411 Chrome Extension.

Here is a quick comparison between Zoominfo and Lead411 when looking at each solution’s chrome extension offerings.

Zoominfo Chrome Extension (Reachout and Engage)

Zoominfo currently has 2 separate chrome extensions in the Google Chrome Store.  Zoominfo ReachOut and Zoominfo Engage. 

Zoominfo Reachout Chrome Extension

Zoominfo Chrome Extension ReachOut requires that you are a customer of Zoominfo, either utilizing their Zoominfo SalesOS or TalentOS solution.  This chrome extension advertises that you can access phone numbers, emails, and addresses on the page you are currently looking at and export that data directly to your CRM.  

Reviews claim: (Taken from real users of Zoominfo ReachOut)

Jared K.  “Information is outdated all the time and the extension barely works”

Blake W.  “I wish my company would abandon this tool.  It’s routinely too slow to be useful or doesn’t load at all. If it does finally load, it’s so slow you’re left wondering, why would anyone pay money for this?”

Dan D. “Dishonest and false marketing. They do not offer a free service, but will take your information, pass to aggressive sales reps to call your private number, and still not offer any free service to try.”

Jordan G.  “Never loads. It just spins and spins.”

Steve H. “I can’t get it to load from any website, I have tried with salesforce, linkedin, linkedin sales nav, and company website. This needs to get fixed asap, this is increasing the amount of time it takes me to prospect into accounts.”



Zoominfo Engage Chrome Extension

Zoominfo Chrome Extension Engage advertises that you can call or email contacts directly from the google chrome extension when you find data on Linkedin or other corporate websites.

Reviews Claim: (Taken from real users of Zoominfo Engage)

Ifetayo T. It literally does not work at all and my company PAYS for this fraudulent extension. This will be reported to the BBB.”

Darren Y.  “Literally just doesn’t work.”



Lead411 Chrome Extension

Lead411 currently has one Chrome Extension for Phone & Emails. Lead411’s Chrome Extension is built to extract Emails and phone numbers from the Lead411 dataset while you are on Linkedin and other websites. 

It gives you access to more contact details, Bombora Intent Scores, news events while browsing social profiles and company websites.  Use it as an email finder or phone number extractor and then quickly export to your favorite CRM and sales tools. Enrich Free integrations include Salesforce, Hubspot, Salesloft, Outreach, Pipedrive, etc.  A full list of CRM integrations is listed below.

A Lead411 subscription is needed for full functionality

Reviews Claim: (Taken from real users of Lead411 Chrome Extension) 

Shiedul M.  “The Greatest apps I have ever seen. And low cost as well”

Mark V. “Well done! Very useful”

Matthew D.  “Massive love for Lead 411 and their Chrome extension. Simple to use and delivers the info we need to tee up new leads and get deals closed.”

David S.  ”This is the most useful marketing tool I’ve come across in years. It integrates my CRM system with LinkedIn, Gmail and a bunch of services that we all use for marketing today. Super valuable.”



Looking at the comparisons and the ability to find data, based on real user feedback, Lead411 has the leading chrome extension over both of Zoominfo’s Chrome Extension Solutions when needing to find prospect data when searching the web and social sites like Linkedin.  

If you would like a demo of Lead411’s Chrome Extension and to see the capabilities to ease your work load and save time finding prospect data, check out a demo using the button below.

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Toyota - Lead411 Client Logos
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Coldwell Banker - Lead411 Client Logos
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Pfizer - Lead411 Client Logos
Toyota - Lead411 Client Logos
Coldwell Banker - Lead411 Client Logos
Pfizer - Lead411 Client Logos
US Bank - Lead411 Client Logos
Toyota - Lead411 Client Logos
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