Clearbit Pricing for Enrichment, API, etc for 2024!

Learn about Clearbit’s API, their pricing plans and enrichment API that we found on Reddit, etc. Click on Talk to an Expert to learn about an alternative. Alternative Lead411

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Clearbit Pricing

Current clearbit pricing starts at $99/month for 275 data enrichment api requests. Lead411’s enrichment API starts at $99/month for 500 successful api requests. Clearbit charges per request NOT per successful call. 

Clearbit API pricing is different than their other “Prospector” pricing and subscriptions. On Reddit, and other sources you may see quotes of over $20,000 for up to 200,000 contacts, etc.  

For more information on competitor pricing please see the full competitors section below.




Lead411 Lead Prospecting

Top Clearbit Competitors

Clearbit’s top 3 competitors include Lead411, People Data Labs, and ZoomInfo.

  • Lead411Pricing starts at $99/month for up to 285 successful API requests. See our contact enrichment api.
  • People Data Labs – $99/month for up to 1000 calls
  • ZoomInfo – See our detailed review of ZoomInfo Cost.  It includes info on their enterprise API as well as their Hubspot enrichment app.
  • Clearbit – Clearbit pricing starts at $99/month for 275 data enrichment api requests.

The Highest Quality Data at your Fingertips

Number of Contacts

Number of Companies Worldwide

Searchable Technologies

Unique Growth Intent Triggers


Guaranteed Accuracy

Clearbit API

Clearbit’s Enrichment API lets you look up company and people info based on an email address or url. For example, you could retrieve a prospect’s name, locality and social handle from an email. Or you could lookup a company’s location, headcount or logo based on their website.

Clearbit’s Enrichment data has two divisions: company info and person data. The most commonly used company columns include the following: name, domain, technographics, sector, industry, locality, annual revenue, and employee count. Our most commonly used person data include: name, (work) email address, location, title, role, seniority and LinkedIn handle.

Lead411’s contact enrichment api works in the same way. In addition to high quality company and people information it also include mobile phone numbers and direct dials.



Why Choose Lead411?

Our sales intelligence tracks key company events that indicate spending and growth. Sell into companies at the perfect time and get to your R.O.I quicker.  Get Unlimited Data with zero limitations.

Quality Data

The Only Provider With Triple Verified Emails


Email Verification

The email addresses in our database are verified using SMTP, human-verified, and email open validation.


Live A.I. Research

If an email address isn’t currently in our database, use our A.I. based research tool on the fly to find the best possible match.


Re-Verification Schedule

We have an unmatched email verification schedule compared to the competition; all of our emails are re-verified every 3-6 months.

Phone Numbers

Double Verified Direct Dials

Phone prospecting is one of the more labor-intensive activities in the space. Dialing to numbers that are out of date, general information lines or incorrect is not only ineffective, but it’s also incredibly frustrating. You can change all of that. Be more successful with Lead411’s double verified direct dials.

Human Verified

Our vendors ensure we supply the most accurate phone numbers to ensure the right recipient gets your call.

Location Match

We determine if the phone number matches any of the locations where the recipient has worked either currently or in the past to ensure its accuracy.

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Toyota - Lead411 Client Logos
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Coldwell Banker - Lead411 Client Logos
Coldwell Banker - Lead411 Client Logos
Pfizer - Lead411 Client Logos
Toyota - Lead411 Client Logos
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Pfizer - Lead411 Client Logos
Toyota - Lead411 Client Logos
Coldwell Banker - Lead411 Client Logos
Pfizer - Lead411 Client Logos
US Bank - Lead411 Client Logos
Toyota - Lead411 Client Logos
Coldwell Banker - Lead411 Client Logos

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