Top 3 B2B Intent Data Providers for 2024!

What are the best B2B Intent Providers for 2024?

B2B Buyer Intent Overview, Top Providers and Buyer Intent Pricing

B2B Intent Data Overview

B2B Intent Data is one of the rising trends in sales. It’s clear that successful organizations are utilizing buyer intent because they are able to get the timing right during the decision making process.

Understanding the buyers journey and their behavior, in particular; where and when prospects are conducting their research on adding solutions/services/products is a key component, and the data is crucial to adding new business opportunities and beating out your competitors.  If you know this contact information and your target market, you can be more informed about how potential customers consume data, their buying cycle and the competitors they are looking at.  When you have this high quality information, you can better formulate a strategy to get in front of the buyer with a communication message that is relevant, and timed perfectly within their decision making process. Some of these processes can really give you a head start to both understanding your customers buying journey, which can really make an impact on a companies bottom line.  So what is Intent Data and what are the best b2b data providers that offer intent data?

B2B Buyer Intent Data Overview

So What is Intent Data?

Intent data is behavioral information about a person/company’s actions online.  These actions may include consumption of one or more of the following:

  • Subscribing to Online Publications/Newsletters/Updates
  • Downloading One-Pagers, infosheets, case studies, eBooks
  • Signing up for Podcasts, RoundTables, Blogs
  • Clicking on Ads, viewing web pages, online chat
  • Product comparison reviews

The more of these types of data consumption by a company and the employees within, the more opportunity there is to identify a good buying signal.  

Question: All this is great but I have a specific business case and I only want to know about specific topics that my type of customers are interested in?

The best data intent providers offer the ability to pinpoint your ICP, so you can choose topics that are only relevant to your business and see which companies are consuming these topics the most.  So what are the best B2B Intent Data Providers for 2024?

Top B2B Intent Data Data Providers

    1. Lead411 Intent Data

    $2,500 per user/year as an Add-On to a Pro or Enterprise Yearly Subscription

    Lead411 is a leading B2B data provider offering verified emails and direct dials, nicely wrapped into a feature rich platform with prospect tracking at nearly every available level.  What puts Lead411 at the top of this list is a few features that stand out from other providers.  First, they have partnered with Bombora,(#2 on this list) to provide customers the ability to tap into Bombora’s vast syndicate network of publications and resources.  A syndicate network looks at a vast amount of data points from online magazines, blogs, business reports, and more to identify trend traffic coming from certain businesses.  This is then combined into an intent score range.  Only the highest score ranges are displayed in our platform meaning only the top of the top intent companies are listed as good prospects to our customers.

    Once customers choose relevant topics from the 12,000+ available, Lead411 customers can see which companies based off of specific industries are at the top of the list, and reach out to decision makers based on their contact details, either directly from the Lead411 platform or exported to a CRM.  In addition, Lead411 tracks which companies are growing and have budgets for new products/ solutions/ services.

    This level of insight is unmatched in the industry and why Lead411 is at the top of the list, along with being one of the most affordable ways for companies to dive into buyer intent.

    Pro Tip: This data can also be used to track your current customers so you can see if they might be looking to make a change and step in before it’s too late to retain them.

    bombora topics

    2. Bombora Intent Data

    $30,000 per User/Year

    Bombora intent data is a syndicated co-op of information.  They track user data actions across multiple sources and publications and collect the data, making it available to integrate into several solutions.  Bombora intent data only shows companies that reach a certain level of data consumption, so only the hottest companies are displayed.

    Data sources include content consumption from over 5,000 online publications such as Forbes,, Forrester.  Buyer indicators are recorded by the level of content engagement.  If multiple employees from the same company are researching the same or similar topics, this is considered relevant and moves the company higher on the interest scale.  Interest is measured over a 12-week period and companies may increase or decrease their interest in these topics, making timing the most important aspect of buyer intent.

    Bombora Intent Data is #2 on this list because they provide the most relevant data, the only drawback is that the platform to find decision makers is lacking, as their business model is to license out this data to several solutions like Lead411.

    3. Zoominfo Intent Data 

    $12,000 per user/year as an Add-On to a Pro/Advanced/Elite Yearly Subscription

    Zoominfo Intent Data has its own proprietary solution within their B2B contact data which uses a bid-stream system to identify companies that click on ads of interest.  These ads usually contain some sort of relevant topic to a customer and is then tracked back into the Zoominfo system to find who might have possibly clicked this ad.  For example, have you ever looked to purchase something online and now you get endless display ads on nearly every other website you browse.  This is what bid-stream intent is.  Meaning your potential customers are being tracked based on their website browsing. 

    There are several deficiencies in this method, mainly because it’s difficult to gauge interest based on an ad click, as there are many clicks that are made in error or without an intention to buy.  Zoominfo Intent Data is on this list because they have the database to be able to look up decision makers, and possibly find the interested company.  There is a bit of guesswork to this method, and Zoominfo’s high price point places them at #3 on the best Intent Data providers list.

    Are there other buyer intent data providers available?

    Yes, there are several other sources of buyer intent data beyond co-op and bid-stream data however they include options that are much more manual and time consuming. Some of these include:

    First-party data: This includes data collected directly by companies from their own interactions with customers, such as website visits, email interactions, purchases, and more. It’s highly valuable because it’s specific to the company’s audience and behavior, but really this is data that can help fuel your sales to the next step with a tool like Lead411.

    Third-party data providers: There are numerous third-party data providers that aggregate and sell data from various sources. These could include demographic data, behavioral data, intent data, and more.  An example of this is a company called Owler, which shows company data like revenue, employee count and funding history.  All advanced filters available in most b2b data providers.

    Publisher data: Publishers often collect data on their audiences and can provide insights into user behavior and intent on their platforms.  i.e. what is your email and we will send you this eBook.  Again, this is included in Bombora and Lead411.

    Social media data: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others provide data on user interactions, interests, and behaviors that can indicate buyer intent.  Mainly B2C type of intent useful for consumer purchases.

    Search engine data: Search engines like Google collect vast amounts of data on search queries, which can indicate user intent and interests.  This is used mainly in paid ads through google, and can be very limited when trying to pinpoint certain customer personas.  The audience building capabilities of Google are still very limited due to privacy laws, and cookie restrictions..

    CRM data: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems contain valuable data on existing customers, including past purchases, interactions, and preferences, which can indicate future buying intent.  Lead411 can keep track of this data buy looking into company trends and alerting on any growth opportunities or changes.

    In comparison,  buyer intent data can be a really useful tool if you take the time to understand it, utilize the correct topics for your business case and find useful ways to use the data to understand your customers buying journey.  It really is all about the topics, if you align the topics you choose and keep them as precise and relevant, your results will show a much more accurate representation of companies that are interested in your services/solutions.

    Most business professionals do a ton of due diligence with research before any kind of purchase will be made.  If you can understand that, and help educate your potential customers during their research phase, you have the best possible opportunity to be considered as a finalist in the decision making process.  The rest is up to your messaging and ability to make your product stand out amongst the competition.

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    One of the things I like best about using Lead411 is the Phone number Lookup and Contact Segmentation. I haven't been able to find any other tool on the market that is as convenient and easy to use as Lead411. Being able to save your searches and more specifically the page on each search is very helpful.

    Grant Fullenbach

    Sales Operations Manager, Pix4D

    I tremendously value how Lead411 has the healthcare segment broken out on their search engine. I have also found the company information to be immensely helpful because I am specifically looking for companies that are small to mid-sized AND operating in New England. Lastly, words cannot express my thankfulness because of how accurate the email addresses are. Thank you!

    Dawn Marie Raczka

    EVP of Business Development, Bluehive

    Great tool for business development. The platform is very easy to use and navigate through to find the types of contacts which are relevant for our business. It is simple to build and export lists and keep track of who has already been exported.

    David Hughes

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