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    How to Fix a Leaky Sales Pipeline Fast

    by Jeremy Unruh | December 6, 2016

    You have efficiently and effectively filled the sales funnel with fresh leads by gaining insights and improving opportunities, movement and action using tips from references such as this one from Tellwise. You have a process to quickly engage your customers and your sales reps are in the field making contact with new and old leads, but before these leads reach the end of the pipeline, the flow steadily slows until only a few of those leads trickle out and turn into real sales. The problem is not related to clogs, as you have already reviewed the process and removed any roadblocks using…

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    How to Engage Highly Qualified Leads: Finding the Right Information Before Taking Action

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 30, 2016

    In the B2B world, it’s easy to assume that every lead you go after is going to think alike. It’s risky to make assumptions the B2B industry is overly uniform and businesses automatically gravitate to products like yours. In truth, every business customer is different. Your sales and marketing team could end up wasting time going after leads that don’t even qualify based on your criteria. It’s time to learn how to engage highly qualified leads to avoid wasting time you could spend on more important things. What’s important is to give your sales and marketing team the right tools…

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    B2B Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 16, 2016

    While the holiday season is boom or bust for retailers, B2B email marketing requires some extra thought ensuring that the season remains strong and leads do not cool while customers focus their efforts elsewhere. Steve Denner wraps up a few tips in his article “4 tips you cannot ignore this holiday season” to help keep your email marketing campaign focused and in front of your business partners. Beware of spam As businesses and retailers turn up the heat to boost sales, email inboxes stuffed full of goodies, may often go unread. As receivers become overwhelmed, rather than read every email…

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    Knowing More About Your Prospect Before You Call: It Makes A Difference

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 15, 2016

    Calling various prospects on the phone can be intimidating. The sales pitch needs to go out the window because it’s ineffective. Research has shown that knowing more about the person you’re calling makes all the difference in the world. Customize the Call The old-fashioned idea of cold calling was hard because it was all about spewing information and hoping that the lead would stay on the phone long enough to learn something they found useful. Now, it’s better to customize the call. Ask questions and be sure that you offer a solution based upon their responses. You want to have a…

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  • 8 Ways to Improve Your Outbound Email Deliverability

    8 Ways to Improve Your Outbound Email Deliverability

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 7, 2016

    Your email list is growing, your content is on point, but wait…your delivery percentage is dismally low! How are your going to turn these emails into sales if you can’t reach your customers? These 8 tips to improve your outbound email deliverability will ensure your message reaches everyone on your list. 1. Clean Before You Import Scan all lists before you import them, especially those from contests and trade shows. Remove duplicates and then vet all emails thru a service like Email Checker or Mail Tester. And of course, only import emails from reputable sources! 2. Keep Your List Healthy Purge! Remove…

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  • Big Data

    How Big Data can Fill Your Sales Pipeline Fast!

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 3, 2016

    Big data is this generation’s telephone. It changes everything about our lives, from the regulations we live with, to the charities we support, and even the products we buy. Particularly, big data has revolutionized the way companies think of potential customers. Instead of trying to pull them to the product, companies can put the product where consumers are. Information is the most powerful force in advertising. If you’re looking for ways to build your customer pool and convert leads into sales, you need to look at what Big Data practices can do for you. Think about how these three strategies…

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