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  • Use Your Existing Customer Profile Data to Build the Perfect Target Market

    by Jeremy Unruh | December 10, 2018

    When creating a list of companies and titles to reach out to, there are several tips that can ensure you are reaching out to the right prospects. As a best practice, it’s extremely valuable to keep a profile of your existing customers. If you know the right information about companies you already work with, you can craft more effective messages and sell more effectively to companies that could be interested in your solutions/services.  Here are some tips to ensure you are collecting the right data about your ideal customer segmentation.   Knowing your Customers Questions to answer about your ideal […]

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  • Direct Mobile Dials are Fueling B2B Communication Channels

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 1, 2018

    Time is always a key factor in sales. Whether it is reaching out when a company is going through a growth trend, responding in a timely fashion to an RFP, or reaching out to renew an existing contract; timing can mean the difference between revenue and missed opportunity.  However, there is nothing worse than reaching out and getting “ghosted”. Never hearing back and having to deal with the anxiety of “do I reach out again?”, “am I bugging them?”, “did they get my message?”, “I was sent to voicemail again, did I lose the deal?” This uncertainty is nothing new […]

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  • Reducing Customer Effort in Today's Market

    Reducing Customer Effort in Today’s Market=Delighting Your Customer

    by Jeremy Unruh | October 23, 2018

    We live in an age where products and services are increasingly similar, and are increasingly based on both our fast paced lifestyle, and all that comes along with it. If you’ve tried to have a telephone conversation with anyone under 30 years old recently, you can relate to the above statement. The fact is that the weekly call to Mom has now become three text messages over the course of the same period of time. People in general are busier than ever before. For a business to not take this into consideration when considering how their products or services impact […]

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  • Sell With a Strategy

    You Can Sell With a Strategy and Still Have Fun

    by Jeremy Unruh | September 20, 2018

    The world of sales is full of obstacles and competition. Dealing with potential customers is like a delicate dance, one wrong step and the performance can be ruined. There are ways to move your product or service while keeping this ‘dance’ elegant and in-step. Don’t lead with a pitch. You almost have to put what you’re selling out of your mind. Start the conversation by finding out what the customer is looking for. As Meghan Casserly at Forbes, points out in her article, clients are looking for help. Identifying what they want or need, is the first step in making […]

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  • 5 Tips for a Better Outbound Email Campaign

    by Jeremy Unruh | July 31, 2018

    These days, everyone’s phones are always in their pockets buzzing with email alerts, so email marketing can reach even more people than any other type of internet marketing. Because of this increased reach, you’ve decided you want to try an email marketing campaign. Congrats! Now what? Here are some writing tips for marketing emails that will get you the most traction. 1) Personalize your email – People love feeling special, so make that marketing email special. When you personalize your email, don’t just use Hi . Personalize it with as much information as you can, like congrats on your new […]

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  • Shorten your Sales Cycle with Sales Triggers

    by Jeremy Unruh | July 9, 2018

    In today’s sales world, we are surrounded by time savers. Data is at our fingertips 24/7; we can share files with co-workers, have a video conference call with 12 people in 3 different states, and shorten work-flows with real-time messaging. One aspect of sales that has been traditionally slow, however, is the sales cycle. Companies battle internally with deciding on the right decision to make. Should we add this software, do I trust that this will benefit the company, do we have the budget? It is an understandable dilemma, as no organization wants to make a bad decision, but for […]

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  • Lead411 and PersistIQ to Offer Premier Data + Sales Engagement Solution

    by Jeremy Unruh | February 7, 2018

    Integrated High Quality Lead Intelligence & Elegant Sales Automation to Provide a “one-stop-shop” for the mid-market SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SaaStr 2018-Marketing and Sales teams in the mid-market face daunting solution integration problems and a confusing number of choices. From CRM to email marketing, deploying an easy-to-use, high-quality solution has required custom integrations and endless support for updates. Nowhere has this been more painful than as it relates to access to high quality, well vetted data available directly inside an elegant and simple automated sales system. Lead411 & PersistIQ will integrate their market-leading solutions in Lead Intelligence & Sales Engagement to finally […]

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  • Woman looking at new hiring trends on a tablet in an office

    How Using Hiring Trends Can Lead to New Sales Opportunities

    by Jeremy Unruh | October 12, 2017

    Prospecting for new clients is perhaps the most challenging and yet most crucial task in any business. Without viable leads, a business will soon fail. Here at Lead 411, we know a thing or two about prospecting for hot leads, and we have multiple ways of notifying you when a business is primed to buy new products and services. One way you can find out if a company is ready to buy is by examining their hiring trends. Why do hiring trends matter? Hiring trends are considered a sales trigger. A sales trigger is an event or occurrence that creates an opening for marketing or […]

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  • Understanding Brand Positioning: How to Make Your Marketing Work For You

    by Jeremy Unruh | September 6, 2017

    The first step in creating effective marketing messages is to clearly identify your company’s brand positioning. All too often, a company isn’t clear on exactly what it does best, which can leave potential customers confused. Understanding the three different brand positions, and how to clearly define which position your company offers, can help you attract new customers quickly and efficiently. Cost Leader Companies who choose the Cost Leader brand position promise to offer customers the lowest price. This position is a good fit for brands who specialize in logistics and operational effectiveness. Wal-Mart is a well-known brand that effectively positions […]

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  • Trigger data showing a group of business people connected to a robot, wires coming out from their brain, exchanging information with the machine, EPS 8 vector illustration

    How Recruiting Trigger Data is Fueling Staffing Industries

    by Jeremy Unruh | August 15, 2017

    As a recruiter in a large company, you already know the challenges in finding the perfect candidates to hire in each department. Perhaps you’ve gone through a lot of turnovers over the last few years simply because you didn’t do well enough in vetting the candidates you interviewed. If you’re still doing this, it’s time to start using intelligence data in your company. To find and fill positions, trigger data does more than just find information on potential employee leads. It can help you mine data when you need to receive funding or when releasing an IPO. Finding Fresh Contacts […]

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  • Cropped shot of two businesspeople working analyzing data with intelligent marketing triggers

    How Intelligent Marketing Triggers are Eliminating the Tradition of Buying Lists

    by Jeremy Unruh | July 17, 2017

    Using Data to Grow Your Prospects More data is publicly available today than ever before, and this new information is helping marketers rethink their approach to sales. By analyzing data in an intelligent way, marketers create more targeted conversations, convert more prospects to customers, and eliminate the need to buy lists and blast information with intelligent marketing triggers. List Buying Traditional thinking about internet marketing creates a demand for an endless supply of new contacts. In the past, sales teams turned to list buying as a way to source new email addresses. List buying allows marketers to build up their […]

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  • Adding Urgency to a Sales Interaction

    by Jeremy Unruh | June 8, 2017

    Adjusting your sales pitch to include a sense of urgency can increase your close rates dramatically. When you get a hot lead, the first thing you want to do is call or email the prospect and close the sale. It’s fun and exciting to reach out and make the case why your product or service is the perfect fit for your customer. However, calling without a plan can be a recipe for disaster. Planning ahead, especially with the strategy of creating urgency and a deadline for your prospect is often the best strategy. Time and again, adding urgency to a […]

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  • The Power of Listening in Business

    by Jeremy Unruh | April 25, 2017

    The best sales people are those who listen, instead of dominating the conversation. You’ll discover the needs of your customer, dispel any concerns they have, and build a positive relationship that keeps people coming back to your company again and again. Ready to improve your sales with the simple act of listening? Here are a few tips to get your started. Benefits of listening in business Most customers buy because they have a need that your product fulfills. But pitching the product and going for the close as soon as possible leaves potential customers feeling pressured. Instead of doing all the […]

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  • Why we Think is Shutting Down

    by Jeremy Unruh | March 27, 2017

    Salesforce will soon be announcing the end of a partnership with  Salesforce acquired (previously known as Jigsaw), the crowd-sourced data provider, back in 2010 but the relationship has been rocky from the beginning.  Salesforce support chat has mentioned that they will continue to sell until August of 2017 but the partnership will end in August of 2018. It is unclear why the relationship is dissolving but we have some insight as to what could have been the cause of the break-up.   Inaccurate Crowd-Sourced Data’s business model is highly dependent on users adding, exchanging and […]

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  • post-subscribe email autoresponder

    3 Tips For Building The Perfect Post-Subscribe Email Autoresponder

    by Jeremy Unruh | February 15, 2017

    Building the perfect post-subscribe email autoresponder is a step many businesses often overlook when it comes to lead conversion. Email autoresponses are almost an afterthought for many brands, mainly because they forget the power it could potentially wield to turn a browsing prospect into a loyal customer. However, following some easy tips when it comes to building the perfect post-subscribe email autoresponder will help turn that around, and ensure that prospects are able to become customers with ease. 1) Offer valuable content without wasting time Many customers lament about the arduous process of subscribing to emails, with many giving up […]

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