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  • How to Capture Millennials with Email Marketing

    by Jeremy Unruh | January 19, 2017

    The rapid rise of social media has some marketers questioning what types of marketing appeals to Millennials. Some would even argue that email marketing is a marketing tool that Millennials don’t embrace, choosing to consume marketing material in more visually stimulating formats. However, email marketing has never been more effective in achieving ROI goals for small and medium size businesses. According to eMarketer, email marketing tops the list of digital tactics driving customer acquisition and retention. Savvy marketers are likely to counter that although email marketing works now, it simply doesn’t appeal to millennials. A recent study in AdWeek found,…

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  • Teamwork!: How Collaboration Can Help Sales Teams

    by Jeremy Unruh | January 13, 2017

    Are you looking for the secret to sales success? It might be sitting right in front of you…literally! Pipedrive calls collaboration “arguably the most important factor you can tweak to improve your sales metrics”, and this sentiment appears to be echoed by experts and data throughout the industry. Collaboration is transforming the sales process in a way that benefits the team and the customer. When teams collaborate to align sales and marketing goals, salespeople are 56% more likely to be top performers. Here are 3 ways collaboration can help your sales team: Collaboration fosters communication between teams, allowing salespeople to…

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  • Lead Pipeline 2017: Start with Account Based Selling

    by Jeremy Unruh | January 4, 2017

    Near forthcoming Q1Y17 presents sales strategists an opportunity to capture new leads for business growth. These days, sales leadership relies on more than mere selling. A global sales plan should include account based selling (ABS) methodologies. Connect with multiple decision makers in a single organization, with these top ABS approaches to closing the deal in 2017. Top 10 ABS Approaches in 2017 1. Budget Leveraging the sales process requires an adequate budget. Companies that invest in updated tools will be able to maintain a competitive edge in selling. Budget for scalable software technologies, designed for sales account management. Lead pipeline…

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  • Sell to Executives

    4 Tips on How to Sell to Executives

    by Jeremy Unruh | December 14, 2016

    You cannot approach selling to executives in the same way you approach any other sale. It’s true that selling to executives versus employees is a shorter process, (less waiting for approval periods), but it does require a totally different strategy than the one you use for employees. To save you time, and execute your sales effectively, consider these 4 tips. 1. Optimize methods of connection. Multiple studies have shown that executives are in touch with all methods of communication. A study from Ber|Art reported that over 55 percent of top-level management regularly check Facebook. 64 percent reported to using LinkedIn on…

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  • How to Fix a Leaky Sales Pipeline Fast

    by Jeremy Unruh | December 6, 2016

    You have efficiently and effectively filled the sales funnel with fresh leads by gaining insights and improving opportunities, movement and action using tips from references such as this one from Tellwise. You have a process to quickly engage your customers and your sales reps are in the field making contact with new and old leads, but before these leads reach the end of the pipeline, the flow steadily slows until only a few of those leads trickle out and turn into real sales. The problem is not related to clogs, as you have already reviewed the process and removed any roadblocks using…

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  • How to Engage Highly Qualified Leads: Finding the Right Information Before Taking Action

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 30, 2016

    In the B2B world, it’s easy to assume that every lead you go after is going to think alike. It’s risky to make assumptions the B2B industry is overly uniform and businesses automatically gravitate to products like yours. In truth, every business customer is different. Your sales and marketing team could end up wasting time going after leads that don’t even qualify based on your criteria. It’s time to learn how to engage highly qualified leads to avoid wasting time you could spend on more important things. What’s important is to give your sales and marketing team the right tools…

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