Zoominfo Intent vs Bombora Intent (Provided by Lead411)

Zoominfo B2B Intent vs Bombora B2B Intent

B2B Intent Data

The Differences Between Zoominfo Intent Data and Bombora Intent Data (Provided by Lead411)


A key component to a successful sales process is the utilization of B2B intent data.  This data can reveal companies that are actively seeking solutions/services that your company provides, and can be easily identified through top data provider platforms.

Before we dive into the differences between Zoominfo Intent and Bombora Intent (Provided by Lead411) and the differences between Zoominfo Pricing and Bombora Pricing, we must first clarify a few things:

  • What is B2B Buyer Intent Data?
  • How does Intent Data Work?
  • How do Sales Teams use Buyer Intent Data?


What is B2B Buyer Intent Data?

B2B Buyer Intent data is essentially data that shows behavioral tendencies of B2B employees within a specific organization.  


How does Intent Data Work?

For example, SaaS Inc. has decided that they need a new CRM platform and has tasked several departments to research and report back on the best new CRM that will work for their organization.  6 employees are tasked with this project and they begin their search by researching certain topics that may include: “best SaaS CRM”, “Top SaaS CRM’s”, “Affordable CRM for SaaS Companies”, “CRM’s that integrate with office 365” etc.  As they research various blog posts, articles, white papers, ads etc.  

On the other side of things, Intent Providers are recording and documenting these search patterns that show interest in these topics.  This includes timestamp, IP, URL, location data, content consumption, engagement metrics, and more.  


How do Sales Teams use Buyer Intent Data?

This data is then passed on to intent provider customers in a consumable visualization, so CRM platforms that are actively trying to find buyers, can quickly identify companies that are looking for new CRM providers, and reach out to decision makers to actively connect with relevant and timely information.


So what is the difference between Zoominfo Intent and Bombora Intent (Provided by Lead411)?

Zoominfo Intent data is provided within the Zoominfo platform as bidstream data.  Bidstream data is data that is passed on through ad exchanges only, meaning when someone clicks an ad on a website, this data is passed on to zoominfo customers as an intent indicator.

Bombora Intent Data (Provided by Lead411) has a much more sophisticated way to indicate buyer research and intent.  Bombora Intent Data has over 4000+ B2B websites that are tracked to indicate business interest.  These websites include sources like Forbes, Inc.com, FastCompany, CIO Insight, Bloomberg, Time, CNN, Variety, VentureBeat and more.  Within these sources, Bombora tracks Articles, Subscriptions, Webinars, Infographics, Registrations, Case Studies, White Papers and specific search topics.  Bombora tracks these sources for patterns, and only shows companies that are increasingly seeking out topics from these various sources.  The indicators combine # of interactions, users, topic weight and engagement to determine a score which is identified over a 12 week period. 

Lead411 integrated this data within the platform, so once these companies are identified as active buyers,  the decision makers associated with these companies are shown for a timely connection.


What can I do with B2B Intent Data?

Zoominfo intent data provides users with a very broad and assuming approach to buyer intent data.  Zoominfo customers must assume that ad exchange clicks are actually companies that are interested in purchasing services for those ads.  There are a few drawbacks to this approach.  First, accidental and unintentional clicks are common on webpages.  How many times have you unknowingly clicked on an ad, just to have a pop-up or new website load on accident?  Secondly, one click on an ad might indicate a small interest if the ad is appealing enough, but doesn’t indicate the end point of a buyer’s journey.  

Bombora intent data (provided by Lead411) provides users with a pinpoint accurate view of companies that are actively searching and in a buying mode.  Companies that are passively looking are still recorded but they are not identifiable until they reach a level of increased activity that would indicate a buying mode.  Once identified, Lead411 users can narrow down these companies even further, to indicate which companies have budgets, are actively growing, and which decision makers are most open to a conversation.  Once identified, Lead411 users can reach out directly from within the platform, or move this data to a preferred CRM for outreach.



Prioritizing prospects is the name of the game when it comes to B2B buyer intent.  It’s best to start with a company that can provide the clearest window into a company’s buying intentions.  Finding the right B2B provider is a crucial step toward a successful sales approach.  If the data is easy to understand, identify and utilize, it creates an enjoyable experience for both parties, sales and decision makers alike.  Lead411 offers Bombora Intent Data as an add-on to the yearly enterprise subscription.  If you are interested in a product tour to show you how B2B buyer intent can work for you, contact us today!  


Key Differentiators

  • Bombora Intent with Lead411 ($2500 add-on to Enterprise Subscription) – Zoominfo Intent ($12000 per seat)
  • Zoominfo Intent utilizes Ad Coop – Bombora Intent utilizes 4000+ syndicated content sources
  • Bombora Intent with Lead411 with 25 Topics – Zoominfo Intent with 6 Topics
  • More Outreach Capabilities with Lead411’s Sales Engagement Tool – Reach
  • Lead411 integrates Bombora within it’s Chrome Extension
  • Training and Customer Support Included with Lead411


Price per Seat
Number of Topics Offered
Chrome Extention Integration
Training Included


Price per Seat
Number of Topics Offered
Chrome Extention Integration
Training Included

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