For any sales or marketing team, generating high-quality leads is essential to building your B2B pipeline. However, locating the appropriate contacts can be a laborious and annoying process. Here’s where our list of B2B data providers comes in handy. With the help of these services, which provide enormous databases brimming with data on professionals at businesses in a variety of sectors, you may expedite your prospecting efforts and establish connections with the key decision-makers.

Ten of the best B2B database providers will be examined in this blog post, with special attention paid to their features, costs, and potential benefits for your company. Frequently asked topics such as “Are there free options?” and “Who are the best providers?” will also be addressed. So fasten your seatbelts and get set to uncover the ideal instrument to boost your B2B lead generation!

Table of Contents

1 Lead411
2 ZoomInfo
3 Cognism
6 6Sense
7 Clearbit
8 Lusha
9 RocketReach
10 Uplead
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Lead411 – The Best Choice for a B2B Database

Businesses rely on Lead411, a top sales intelligence tool, for its precise B2B contact database and company data. Sales and marketing teams can effectively identify and contact potential leads with the help of accurate and up-to-date company growth information, which boosts conversion rates and boosts revenue.


  • High Quality Verified Emails and Direct Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited Exporting Options of All Contact Data with no hidden fees
  • Company Growth Intelligence including Employee Growth and other triggers
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Bombora Intent Data Partnership


  • Not a suitable option for APAC
  • Restricted advanced search options
  • Perhaps unsuitable for some industries

Lead411 Pricing:

The basic pricing starts at $99/month with unlimited viewable direct dials and email addresses. This includes 200 exports per month. Higher priced options are available for unlimited exporting of all contacts/companies and Bombora data.

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ZoomInfo logo
Among the many B2B databases available, ZoomInfo stands out for providing thorough company and contact details that are crucial for focused outreach and prospecting. Sales and marketing teams may optimize lead generation and sales prospects with its comprehensive coverage and sophisticated search functionalities.

  • Enormous database with contact depth
  • More sophisticated targeting options
  • Comprehensive firmographic data and real-time updates
  • Integrations with major sales and b2b marketing databases


  • Most Expensive
  • Can be complex for non tech users
  • Low Customer Service

ZoomInfo Pricing:

We have written a complete article on ZoomInfo pricing that we have found on Reddit so click on the link to your left to see all the details.




Cognism provides exceptional B2B lead data and insights by fusing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology with human knowledge. Businesses can improve their efforts to accelerate sales, tailor outreach tactics, and increase engagement and conversion rates with their target audience by utilizing its b2b contacts database.

  • AI-powered data and lead scoring for more intelligent targeting
  • Personalized recommendations for contact details
  • Comprehensive firmographic data and real-time updates
  • Integrated engagement technologies for automated outreach


  • Base price tier and limited free plan
  • Mostly concentrates on sales teams rather than marketing.
  • More focused on Europe

Cognism Pricing:

Cognism prices are not listed on their website.

——————————————————– is a multipurpose platform for sales engagement that comes with an extensive B2B contact database. Sales professionals are enabled to navigate the sales process easily, from recognizing potential leads to completing agreements, all inside a single integrated platform, thanks to its complete features for prospecting, sales automation, and tailored messaging.

  • Easy-to-use interface built for effectiveness and speed
  • Inbuilt tools for scheduling and email verification
  • Robust platform integrations with sales automation
  • Basic features included in a freemium plan


  • Database size is not as large as those of rivals
  • Customer Support is non existent
  • largely concentrates on email outreach, ignoring other routes Pricing:

Pricing starts at $49/month for up to 25 mobile credits and 250 contact exports.


seamless logo
Operating as a search engine for prospective customers, is a B2B sales database powered by artificial intelligence that finds and verifies their contact information in real-time. Through the integration of CRMs and the automation of prospecting duties, it seeks to optimize lead quality, increase efficiency, and ultimately bolster sales and revenue.

  • Distinctive emphasis on enrichment and real-time data updates
  • Inbuilt tools for scheduling and email verification
  • Plans with variable pricing based on individual requirements
  • Interface that is intuitive


  • Smaller Database
  • Limited Support
  • High prices for limited quality Pricing:

Pricing is not listed on their website



seamless logo
6Sense is an AI-powered account-based orchestration platform that enables organizations to forecast and rank B2B purchasing intent. 6Sense assists sales and marketing teams in identifying the most prospective accounts and customizing their outreach endeavors to effectively stimulate revenue growth through the utilization of b2b data and advanced analytics.


  • An intent data platform powered by AI that identifies high-value accounts
  • Scoring and predictive insights for lead prioritization
  • Robust account and firmographic intelligence Strong marketing automation platform integrations


  • Primarily designed for ABM, this solution is not optimal for general prospecting.
  • A high price point could discourage lesser companies.
  • Complex platform necessitating a profound comprehension

6Sense Pricing:

6sense pricing is no less than $30,000 per year.



clearbit logo
Clearbit is an enrichment platform that compiles and verifies company and B2B contact information. It provides firmographics, email addresses, phone numbers, and links to social media platforms in real time. By integrating with your CRM, marketing automation tools, and other software, Clearbit ensures that the appropriate individuals receive accurate information from your outreach initiatives.


  • Robust API for existing marketing tool integration
  • Enrichment capabilities augment firmographic and demographic information with value.
  • Options for granular targeting to construct custom audiences


  • Insufficient intrinsic prospecting capabilities beyond enrichment
  • Designed with developers and technical consumers in mind.
  • A potentially intricate resolution for non-technical teams

Clearbit Pricing:

We have created a detailed pricing page about Clearbit. See link to your left.



lusha logo
Lusha functions as an assistant for B2B prospecting, actively seeking precise contact information for prospective clients. Lusha conducts web analysis, verifies data, and exposes personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles via its website and browser extension. Lusha seeks to optimize lead generation processes and increase connection rates, suiting both individual hustlers and large sales teams.


  • An intuitive and straightforward interface that is suitable for individual users
  • Reasonably priced programs that offer adaptable options
  • Extensions and integrations for Chrome that facilitate lead generation


  • Inadequate capabilities for search filters and targeting
  • A less extensive database in comparison to larger rivals
  • Absence of integrated campaign management or outreach tools

Lusha Pricing:

$39/month for 39 credits/contacts.



rocketreach logo
Launched by RocketReach, a comprehensive contact data platform, an extensive database of verified B2B contacts is accessible to users. By incorporating email enrichment and verification functionalities, RocketReach empowers marketing and sales teams to more efficiently engage their intended demographic, thereby augmenting their approaches to generating leads and acquiring customers.


  • Comprehensive search capabilities that incorporate social media profiles
  • Integrations and extensions for Chrome that facilitate outreach
  • Freemium plan with restricted functionality


  • Inconsistent data accuracy may necessitate authentication.
  • Limited search filters and targeting options
  • Smaller dataset

Rocketreach Pricing:

Starts at $80/month for up to 80 lookups



uplead logo
UpLead is a comprehensive platform for generating leads that facilitates the discovery and connection between businesses and prospective clients. UpLead provides sales and marketing teams with attributes such as email verification, lead enrichment, and a database of verified B2B contacts. These functionalities enable the teams to effectively recognize and interact with their optimal prospects, thereby stimulating business expansion.


  • An international database encompassing more than two hundred nations and regions
  • For the purpose of prioritizing high-potential contacts, predictive lead scoring
  • Targeting and sophisticated search filtering capabilities


  • Costs may increase to accommodate larger teams and intricate plans.
  • Comparatively, the interface may be less intuitive than that of certain rivals.
  • The free plan has far too few features.

Uplead Pricing:

Uplead pricing starts at $99/month for up to 170 credits per month.


Full List of B2B Database Providers

Platform Starting Price Support Intent Growth Data Unlimited
Lead411 99/month Dedicated Rep Bombora Yes Yes
ZoomInfo $1,250 Dedicated Rep Bidstream only No No
Cognism Custom N/A Bidstream only No No $40 Chat Only Bidstream only No w/Fine Print Custom N/A No No No
Clearbit $99 Chat Only No No No
6Sense Custom Dedicated Rep Bidstream only No No
Lusha $79 N/A No No No
RocketReach $80 N/A No No No
UpLead $99 N/A Bombora No No

Frequently Asked Questions

How do B2B database providers ensure data accuracy?
A combination of methodologies and technologies are utilized by B2B database providers to guarantee the accuracy of their data. This encompasses the utilization of AI algorithms, manual verification procedures, routine data purging, and updates to eliminate obsolete information. In addition to public records, third-party sources, and company submissions, providers utilize these resources to augment and authenticate their databases.

Can I integrate these B2B databases with my CRM?
Indeed, a multitude of B2B database providers provide the functionality to integrate with widely used CRM systems, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics. By enabling sales and marketing teams to access and utilize lead data directly within their CRM platforms, these integrations facilitate the transmission of data in a seamless manner, thereby increasing productivity and streamlining workflows.

What is the difference between static and dynamic data in B2B databases?
Static data comprises non-volatile information, such as the name, address, or industry sector of a company. In contrast, dynamic data comprises elements that are subject to more frequent modifications, such as organizational size, email addresses, or job titles. Typically, B2B database providers offer a combination of the two, with dynamic data being updated frequently to ensure its accuracy.

How important are privacy and compliance considerations when using B2B databases?
Privacy and compliance are of the utmost importance when utilizing B2B databases, particularly in light of data protection laws such as the CCPA in California, GDPR in Europe, and others that are in effect globally. Reputable database providers adhere to these regulations through the implementation of transparent data collection and processing procedures, acquisition of requisite consents, and provision of means for data subjects to exercise control over their information.

Can B2B database providers help with account-based marketing (ABM)?
Indeed, a considerable number of B2B database providers provide tools and functionalities that are tailored to facilitate account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. This entails furnishing comprehensive company profiles, contacts for decision-makers within target accounts, and predictive analytics for the purpose of identifying prospects with high value. By customizing their communications and advertising initiatives to individual accounts, these functionalities empower marketers to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

What should I look for in a B2B database provider?
Consider pricing, data accuracy, coverage, compliance with privacy laws, integration options with your existing technology infrastructure, and customer support when selecting a B2B database provider. Moreover, assess the provider’s capability to fulfill your particular requirements, such as comprehensive database accessibility, in-depth analysis for account-based marketing, or sophisticated filtering capabilities for targeted prospecting.