Top 5 Sales Intelligence

Tools for 2024!

Based on Improving Productivity, Ease-of-Use and 

Fast R.O.I. 

Top 5 Sales Intelligence Tools of 2024

When it comes to finding the best sales intelligence tools with innovation and productivity at the forefront of improving the lives of SDRs and sales professionals alike, it can be a challenge to identify the absolute best-of-the-best within the complex processes of B2B lead generation.  The industry changes so quickly with every company’s desire to beat out competitors with technology that not only saves time and improves productivity, but also has a trackable and positive impact on R.O.I.

Most sales professionals have around 5-7 sales tools that they depend upon, on a daily basis.  Integration of these tools or having tools that have a multi-faceted approach to the sales funnel can be not only time saving, but also budget friendly.  Oftentimes, decision makers will bring tools with them from other companies and utilize them in the same way in a new situation, so flexibility is key as well.  To address this, here are the Top 5 Sales Intelligence Tools of 2023 based on saving time, improving productivity, being multifaceted and/or easy integration, and have a track record of a quickly identifiable R.O.I. 

Lead411 – Top Sales Intelligence Data Platform

Lead411 is a sales intelligence data platform that is both innovative and flexible.  Lead411 offers verified email and direct dial phone numbers backed by options like Bombora Sales Intent to identify companies that are interested in the solutions you provide, sales triggers to help identify which of these companies are spending money, direct email/SMS outreach capabilities, direct integration with over 25 CRMs and a flexible API and Unlimited B2B Data options.  It would be a challenge to find another data provider with so much to offer at such an affordable pricing (and we aren’t just biased about this, our customers say it too).  

Lead411 Pricing: Subscriptions start at $75 per month/per user on a yearly plan.

Gong – Top Revenue Intelligence Platform

Gong helps to analyze customer-facing conversations in order to identify revenue opportunities through analytics of common topics such as, questions, action items, interactions etc.  Gong will then advise sales reps on opportunities to go after and focus on, in order to improve revenue channels and forecasting.  

Pricing: Gong pricing is not published however, online sources point to around a $5000 per year base price with $1200 added per user

Outreach – Top Sales Execution Intelligence Platform

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that helps identify and optimize the best ways and times to reach out to potential customers .  Outreach users generate a rich set of sales engagement signals. Outreach ingests these signals into powerful machine learning models that generate insights and recommended actions, so every rep can achieve at their highest level. Outreach integrates with several platforms and has a flexible interface to connect with ease.

Pricing: Outreach Pricing is not published because it scales down per user based on more users needed, but starting price is $100 per month/user

Lead411 Contact Enrichment CRM Enrichment

Hubspot – Top Customer Relationship Management Platform

Hubspot is a dynamic CRM that has a lot of add-ons that are helpful to make an SDR’s day-to-day operations much easier.  These tools include website forms, live chat, meeting scheduler all while handling the pipeline and communication of each customer’s lifecycle.  Marketers can also benefit from their incredible robust library of information as well as landing page builders, ad management tools, reporting and more. Hubspot has been a favorite for awhile and it’s no surprise it makes this list.

Pricing: Hubspot has free tools but the Sales CRM starts at $45 per month for 2 users.

DocuSign – Top Contract Management Platform

You get a prospect to the dotted line, you want the least level of resistance possible.  DocuSign offers that ease of preparing, and presenting managed agreements with eSignature to get the deal signed as quickly as possible.  DocuSign also satisfies the legal requirements when storing sensitive information as well, making it a no-brainer and complete time-saver for sales professionals.

DocuSign Pricing starts at $10 per month for single users but most companies fall in the $25-$40 subscription range