Lead411 launches "Hottest DC Area Companies" awards
LOS ANGELES, Calif., - July 6, 2010 - In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest DC Area Companies" award.


Each day, the Lead411 research team scours through 600+ press releases and business articles including venture capital fundings, company launches, new office openings, customer press releases, etc. Lead411's company database has given insight to which are the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their "Hottest Companies" awards have been created to recognize these fast growing companies in different geographic regions. This particular list originally started with over 1650 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 81.

"We have been tracking fast companies for our customers for the past 10 years," said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411, "and we felt it was important to recognize these growing brands publicly."

How the Winners were Chosen

First, all companies must by in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, or Media industry and be a privately held organization, and be within the districts/states of Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, and Virginia. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • ** 100% increase in revenues over the past 3 years; OR
  • ** Over $1M in funding in the past 2 years; OR
  • ** 2X traffic gains to their website in the past 12 months AND over 1M unique visitors a month.

About Lead411

Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP. The company just launched a marketing blog that focuses on sales & marketing news and tips.

2020 Company LLC
At 2020, our mission is to work with quality consultants who provide superior professional services that assist our clients in developing, delivering, implementing and managing their Information Technology systems. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, cost-effective - total solutions, including: experienced and effective personnel, proven corporate methodologies, responsive management, and a company culture that places the customer's needs first. The company has more than 5X its revenues in the past 10 years and now has over $37.6M in revenues.

Accelera Solutions, Inc
Accelera Solutions helps clients manage the business and technology complexities of today's digital economy. We concentrate on providing Internet connectivity, Knowledge Management and Virtual Access solutions to organizations through the use of best-of-breed products and tools. Accelera has exploded in recent years and now has over $20M in yearly revenues.

Alawar Entertainment
Founded in 1999, Alawar Entertainment specializes in the development, publication and distribution of casual games, reaching players in over 60 countries. The company is the leading distributor of casual titles in Eastern Europe and has published more than 200 casual PC games globally. Alawar Entertainment picked up $3M in new money in February of 2010.

Altum, Inc
Altum's solutions help organizations monitor, measure, analyze, and improve their business by giving them control over their data. We are a professional software development and consulting firm that builds solutions that enable users to quickly access, analyze, and make informed decisions from the data locked up in corporate data sources. The company has grown quickly as of late and now has over $10M in yearly sales.

Appian Corporation
Appian is the BPM pure-play expert. Appian leads the market in BPM innovation, delivering comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use solutions customized to the unique needs of individual organizations. Businesses and governments worldwide use Appian to simplify process innovation with the real-time visibility, control and analytics needed to improve the critical processes that determine business performance. The Company landed $10M in venture funding in July of 2008.

Aptela Inc
Aptela is the leading provider of Internet-based communications technology that replaces traditional phone systems and service. Delivered as a web hosted service, Aptela provides more capabilities than even $100,000 of on-premise communications equipment without the capital expense and delivers greater reliability with no maintenance hassles. The company has increased its revenues by $6X in the past three years.

ArcaMax Publishing Inc
ArcaMax Publishing is a major distributor of online news and information, including features on Parenting, Recipes, Health and Fitness, and comics like Garfield and Baby Blues. The company has tripled its yearly revenues as of late.

Blue Sky Factory, Inc
Blue Sky Factory is a leading provider of products and services designed for online marketing communications. They are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with several satellite offices along the east coast. The company has recently doubled its yearly sales.

BoxTone Inc
BoxTone is a comprehensive BES and BlackBerry user monitoring solution that delivers value across an enterprise, BoxTone enables BES and messaging administrators to proactively focus on pending challenges, rather than manually analyzing painful service disruptions after the fact. BoxTone's revenues have grown by 6X in the past three years.

C&K Systems
C&K Systems is a Radiant CounterPoint Elite Business Partner and is currently celebrating 20 years in operation. We are one of the Premier Retail Systems Integrators in the Nation for specialty retail store automation. C&K Systems has recently doubled its yearly revenues.

Founded in 1999, Capterra is the leading online destination for business software buyers. Capterra has helped millions of people select the right software for their organizations by allowing them to quickly compare solutions from a database of thousands of software companies. Capterra has recently tripled is yearly revenues.

Founded in 2005 by leading experts in the Business Intelligence (BI) industry and backed by a premier venture capital investment partner, Clarabridge(TM) is an emerging leader in helping private and public sector enterprises leverage unstructured content to provide critical operational and strategic business insight. The Company got a hold of $4.26M in venture money in April of 2010.

Clearspring Technologies, Inc
Clearspring is the first company to offer hosted widget syndication services with robust built-in tracking and analytics. Clearspring empowers its customers with a full set of tools, services and market intelligence to transform content into widgets, publish them across multiple platforms, and track and analyze the viral spread of widgets, in real-time, across the web. Clearspring is funded by Novak Biddle Venture Partners, Joel Adams, Miles Gilburne, and Bobby Yazdani.The company collected $35M in funds in December of 2009.

CustomInk LLC
CustomInk, LLC operates CustomInk.com, an innovative virtual store that enables customers to design and order custom-decorated merchandise online. CustonInk has increased its revenues by almost 3X in the past few years.

Digital Intelligence Systems Corporation
DISYS is a leading provider of information technology (IT) services. DISYS consists of three business units:Government, which provides IT solutions to federal, state, and local governments and their agencies, including institutions of higher learning and local school districts. Consulting, which provides staff augmentation and recruitment services to a host of Fortune 1,000 companies and small businesses across the United States. The company has more than 2X its revenues in the past 2 years and now has over $133.1M in revenues.

DMS International, Inc
Founded in 1994 by a group of experts in the fields of management and information technology, DMS International, Inc. (DMS) provides management and information technology consulting services to commercial and government clients. We regard Information Technology as a competitive lever that helps management reach its operational goals. The company has more than 10X its revenues in the past sixteen years.

DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc
DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc. was founded in late 2004 with the specific purpose of bridging the “last mile” of converting traditional (data-only) leads into sales. DoublePositive has doubled its revenues in the past three years.

DubMeNow Inc
DubMeNow, the developer of a mobile platform that lets users exchange contact information from phone to phone. DubMeNow received $2.8M in venture financing in February of 2010.

They live their lives online, in the car, at work and of course, in school. At Echo360, our dream is to see a day when the college experience intersects with the life experience of students. Using lecture capture technology, students gain unbounded access to their educational content and the opportunity to relive their classroom experience for improved comprehension and satisfaction. The company collected $15M in funds in October of 2008.

Ekahau Inc
Founded in 2000, Ekahau is the recognized leader in location-enabling enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau's mission is to provide the easiest, most cost effective and accurate positioning solutions for locating people, assets, inventory and other objects using wireless enterprise networks. The Ekahau solution tracks wireless laptops, PDAs, VOIP phones, Wi-Fi tags and other 802.11 enabled devices. The Company received $10M in venture financing in June of 2008.

Eloqua Corporation
Eloqua helps clients accelerate revenue growth. Eloqua provides powerful business insight to inform marketing and sales decisions today that drive revenue growth tomorrow. The company has exploded in the past few years and revenues have grown by over 5X.

eZanga Inc
eZanga.com was founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Beth and Rich Kahn and is currently led by search engine veterans Richard Kahn and Angel Pabon as an effort to help people find information on the web faster and easier. The company has exploded in the past few years and now has over $6M in revenues.

Formatta Corporation
Formatta Corporation based in Fairfax, Virginia, is the global leader in secure XML e-forms technology. Formatta is based on the premise that to drive broader e-forms adoption, you must provide end user productivity and data integration. Formatta allows users to save, sign, and submit e-forms at no charge and provides rapid data integration for the enterprise. Formatta’s software delivers perfected data - 100% of the data you require, 100% accurately, 100% of the time. Formatta Corporation landed $3M in venture funding in February of 2009.

GigaTrust provides businesses with a digital security force which can be deployed to manage internal affairs or external communications. GigaMedia protects all forms of business communications: email, web publishing, file sharing, instant messaging, and remote mobile access. GigaTrust received $11M in venture financing in September of 2008.

Grab Networks
Grab Networks is a Dulles, Va.-based provider of online video management software. Grab Networks received $12M in venture financing in June of 2009.

Guident Technologies, Inc
Headquartered in Herndon, VA, Guident is a leading integrator of business intelligence, management consulting, and systems engineering services to the government and commercial marketplaces. Guident recently has tripled its revenues in the past few years.

HealthCentral empowers people to improve and take control of their health and well-being through more than 35 condition- and wellness-specific interactive health sites including #1 HIV/AIDS resource TheBody.com and healthy living resource Wellsphere.com. HealthCentral is venture backed by IAC/InteractiveCorp, Polaris Ventures, Sequoia Capital, The Carlyle Group and Allen & Company. The company collected $50M in funds in January of 2008.

iCore Networks
iCore specializes in innovative, on-site advisory services for emerging to late-stage technology and service companies. Working closely with existing and new management teams, we have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to drive rapid and sustainable top-line and earnings growth by revitalizing a company's core sales, marketing, operations and financial processes. iCore has exploded in the past few years and now has over $18M in revenues.

Innovectra Corporation
Founded in 1996 by an experienced team of Internet and media publishing pioneers, Innovectra is the only full service local search software and services provider, and the first to develop and deploy an integrated electronic Yellow-and-White pages directory platform. The Company received $2M in venture financing in October of 2008.

Intelliworks Inc
Intelliworks, Inc. enables colleges and Universities to generate additional revenue and cost savings from increased knowledge of their prospective and current students, and stronger alumni and external relationships. Intelliworks provides cradle to grave collaborative CRM solutions designed to meet the unique needs of higher education customers.The company received $3.75M in venture financing in June of 2009.

JackBe Corporation
JackBe was founded by Luis and Jacob Derechin in 2001 in Mexico City with the goal of enabling the next generation of browser-based applications. Long before the term AJAX was coined, JackBe not only saw the potential of AJAX, but had deployed AJAX solutions for many large organizations using its AJAX development platform. JackBe picked up $5M in new money in December of 2008.

Market10 is the inspiration of Rob McGovern, one of the nation's foremost career experts. He was the Founder and former Chairman and CEO of CareerBuilder.com, and wrote the popular career advice book Bring Your 'A' Game: The 10 Career Secrets of the High Achiever. He and a core team of former CareerBuilder employees and superstars from the tech industry are the brains behind Market10. Market10 picked up $20M in new money in January of 2008.

Koofers Inc
Koofers is a social learning company transforming higher education through student-driven, intercollegiate collaboration. Founded in 2008, Koofers empowers students to help each other learn by providing open and free access to: course materials, class and professor ratings, study aids and more. Koofers LANDED $2m in funding in early 2010.

Koolspan Inc
Koolspan is a development-stage company providing a secure, easy-to-use, scalable solution for 802.11 wireless local area networks. Commonly known as Wi-Fi, 802.11 is the fastest-growing segment of wireless computing in the U.S. and throughout the world. Koolspan's patent-pending technology delivers user authentication and network security by means of the tamper-resistant token used in a variety of technologies worldwide. The company collected $7.1M in funds in May of 2008.

KZO Innovations
Building on the strength of its deep roots in digital video production, interactivity and advanced technology development, KZO Innovations was initially formed as an R&D and software development company to pioneer and market innovative streaming video solutions to the global marketplace. The Company got a hold of $1.68M in venture money in December of 2008.

Layer 7 Technologies
Layer 7 Technologies markets a family of XML appliances and software to secure, simplify and scale Web services. Web services are applications that can expose their functionality to other applications over the Internet using standards based XML data formats like SOAP, REST, AJAX, and RSS. Layer 7 Technologies received $11M in venture financing in November of 2009.

LivingSocial connects consumers to cool stuff. In addition to our popular Facebook apps -- Pick5 and Visual Bookshelf -- we also offer daily deals to the best places in your city. LivingSocial picked up $25M in new money in March of 2010.

LogiXML develops software that helps organizations get more value from their business data. Technically, we make it easy to develop reports and analyses. Economically, we make it practical to distribute Business Intelligence to all who need it. Professionally, we are committed to the success of our customers. LogiXML landed $3M in venture funding in early October of 2008.

Lotame Solutions Inc
Driven by results, Lotame was founded with the sole mission of establishing and building social media as a viable and scalable revenue stream for publishers. Lotame product lines include Lotame Crowd Control, its flagship technology, which enables publishers to lift revenue by aggregating social variables such as social usage profiles, community interactions and behavior patterns to identify niche groups for enhanced guided marketing capabilities. The Company picked up $13M in new money in August of 2008 from Emergence Capital.

LucidMedia Networks Inc
LucidMedia Networks, Inc. (www.lucidmedia.com) is a demand-side online display advertising management and targeting platform that delivers optimized, direct response and brand advertising campaigns to interactive agencies. LucidMedia DSP™ with ClickSense® page-level analysis and intelligent real-time bidding (RTB) is available as both a self-service and managed service to interactive agencies and their brand advertisers. The company collected $4.5M in funds in June of 2010.

MarketResearch.com is an aggregator of global business intelligence representing the most comprehensive collection of published market research analysis available on-demand. The company has recently doubled its yearly sales.

Metastorm Inc. is the leading supplier of Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Process Management (BPM) software to government and commercial markets. The Metastorm Enterprise software platform helps organizations understand and model enterprise assets and analyze, improve and automate business processes to deliver better results . The company has exploded in revenues recently and now has over $75M in yearly sales.

MetroStar Systems, Inc
For the past ten years, MetroStar Systems has transformed from a small start-up into one of America's Fastest Growing Companies (2009), ranked no. 562 by Inc. Magazine with a three-year sales growth of 481.4%. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, MetroStar Systems is a Small Business Administration-certified 8(a) firm that provides its clients with agile, collaborative solutions.

Millennial Media
Millennial Media is a mobile advertising company that uses its deep understanding of mobile consumers, technologies and media to sell performance based advertising solutions to advertisers. We have superior mobile ad-serving and optimization technologies which offer publishers a differentiated way to monetize their mobile content audience. Our offering demystifies the advertising opportunity for all involved parties. The company collected $16M in funds in November of 2009.

Mpowerplayer Inc
Mpowerplayer helps consumers discover the world of mobile gaming using the power of the web. Users can quickly browse a vast library of mobile games and applications, demo-ing any or all of them with a single click. Mpowerplayer picked up $2.5M in new money in September of 2008.

Netcordia Inc
Established in 2000, Netcordia develops and markets appliance-based network analysis tools. The company has increased its yearly revenues by a whopping 6X in the past few years.

Netuitive Inc
Netuitive®, Inc., based in Reston, VA, provides a next generation service management solution that sustains performance of the application infrastructure. Netuitive's patented software, Netuitive Analytics™, empowers IT Operations to proactively manage performance problems before they impact availability of key business applications. The Company landed $10M in venture funding in June of 2010 from MK Capital and Rembrandt.

NGP Software
NGP provides market-leading software products and award-winning services to Democrats and their allies. Their NGP Campaign Office software-as-a-service product is used by over 75% of the Democrats in Congress, as well as many other Democratic campaigns and other organizations. The company has nearly tripled its revenues in the past few years.

Notable Solutions, Inc.
NSi is a leading provider of Content Capture Workflow and Business Automation solutions. NSi’s product automates repetitive business processes by integrating paper-based and electronic information into the existing business processes and line of business applications. The company’s product is used by numerous industries including legal, healthcare, and financial services. The Company received $5M in venture financing in March of 2009.

Constantly evolving technologies. Ever-changing customer demands. Continuous pressure to increase profitability. These dynamics are revolutionizing the market for communications service providers every single day. Tasks such as rating and charging, previously performed after the associated network activity occurred, must now happen in real time. Customers demand increasingly varied services, delivered when and how they’d like and paid for in a variety of ways. The Company got a hold of $10.5M in venture money in February of 2010.

Parature Inc
Parature is an innovator of online support software, enabling companies to improve their internal and external support while reducing costs. The company’s flagship product is an easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable online support solution for businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. Parature has grown its yearly revenues by over 3X in the past few years.

Prematics Inc
Over 99% of all new prescriptions are written the old-fashioned way – by paper and a pen. This paper-driven process is riddled with error and inefficiency – the ubiquitous adoption of electronic prescribing is estimated to save over $65 Billion per year! Prematics built an inter-disciplinary team to drive the mass adoption of electronic prescribing. The Company got a hold of $10.78M in venture money in May of 2009.

Presidium Inc
The tremendous growth and proliferation of education technology has placed new demands on IT Help desk and inbound customer support functions. Presidium Learning provides managed services to support academic technology and learning-based enterprises by providing industry leading processes, technology, and people. Our focal offering is a fully managed, multi-channel contact center environment for instructional and technical support. The Company landed $2M in venture funding in June of 2009.

Reality Mobile LLC
Reality Mobile specializes in delivering live video and critical data in entirely new ways. Our enterprise-class software products give the term “mobile communications” a whole new meaning. Reality Mobile got a hold of $6.5M in venture money in October of 2009.

Regent Education Inc
With nearly 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, Regent is the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of financial aid management software solutions for higher education institutions. Its highly functional, affordable, SaaS solutions are designed to interoperate with and enhance existing ERP systems, while enabling institutions to realize a positive, quantifiable ROI in the same fiscal period in which they are deployed. The Company landed $8.25M in venture funding in September of 2008.

Resonate Networks
Resonate Networks is an online advertising network that was created to address a single challenge: To help public affairs, political and corporate advertisers and agencies more precisely target and reach web users, based on their attitudes and issue positions on a wide range of topics. Resonate Networks landed $5M in venture funding in June of 2010.

Reverb Networks
ReVerb Networks is an industry pioneer and leader in Smart Antenna technology. Our patented beam forming software is revolutionary in bringing new capabilities to wireless networks, as both an overlay optimization engine and as a set of integrated product solutions. ReVerb Networks offers breakthrough technology in adaptive spectrum efficiency, intelligent network management of mission critical capabilities and overall cost reduction of wireless platforms. For more information go to www.reverbnetworks.com The company collected $9M in funds in September of 2009.

Taxi Magic
Taxi Magic is the first nationwide free online taxi booking service that is directly integrated with taxi dispatch systems. Taxi Magic's parent company, RideCharge, collected $4.6M in funds in February of 2009.

RightStar Systems Company
RightStar is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with clients to identify and prioritize their requirements and to design and implement leading ITIL-compliant incident, problem, change, configuration, and identity management tools. The company has almost increased its revenues by 7X in the past few years.

Rivermine, Inc.
Rivermine provides software and services that enable Fortune 1000 companies to significantly decrease costs and increase operating efficiencies by better managing the business of networking. Rivermine picked up $5M in new money in January of 2009 from Softbank.

Rollstream is in the business of helping its customers to deliver on important projects and programs. Our unique software solution and services enable your company to communicate with every constituent on your program, from start to finish. We provide useful features that help you track your program in real time across hundreds of thousands of trading partners, departments or employees. The Company landed $6M in venture funding in November of 2008 from Core Capital.

Sawbuck Realty
Sawbuck Realty (www.sawbuck.com) is an online real estate broker that combines an industry-leading website with an award-winning, consumer-friendly business model. The company connects buyers and sellers with top local real estate agents, streamlines their transactions and saves them money at every turn. Sawbuck Realty got a hold of $2M in venture money in July of 2009.

SB Nation
SB Nation is the largest and fastest-growing network of fan-centric online sports communities. From the beginning, we've focused on developing the highest quality grassroots sports sites on the web—recruiting only the most respected bloggers and writers to build their communities at SB Nation and empowering passionate fans to engage in the conversation. SB Nation landed $7M in venture funding in July of 2009.

ScienceLogic was founded in 2003 by technology professionals with 42 years of combined information technology and IT management experience. At ScienceLogic, we have a unified vision: Simplify IT. We are technology professionals who are focused on making IT management simpler, better, and faster. ScienceLogic landed $15M in venture funding in April of 2010 from New Enterprise Associates.

SevOne, Inc
SevOne, Inc. provides a distributed network performance management solution that delivers a holistic, integrated perspective on IT performance. The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution(PASTM) and Dedicated NetFlow Collector(DNCTM) enables enterprises, service providers, cable MSOs, and federal government agencies to keep increasingly complex networks, servers and applications functioning at peak performance levels. The Company received $2M in venture financing in April of 2009.

Social Solutions
Social Solutions challenges and equips human service providers and their funders to turn good intent into measurable change by relating efforts to outcomes. The company’s ETO (Efforts to Outcomes) reporting software replaces one-size-fits-all data tracking with a reporting system tailored to the unique mission of each nonprofit organization. Social Solutions has increased reveues by 3.5X in the past few years.

South49 Solutions
South49 Solutions provides professional services and operational solutions to improve customer service and fulfillment center operations. The Company picked up $1.2M in new money in February of 2009.

SPADAC's mission is to excel at delivering optimum GIS, machine learning, data mining, and general information technology services to our clients, through tailoring solutions to meet their individual needs. Whether we integrate partner solutions or combine them with our own unique technologies, our consultants are poised to provide the most innovative solutions to address the most complex problems. The company now has over $15M in revenues.

Spectrum K12 School Solutions, Inc
4GL provides proven solutions for managing special populations, incuding special education, Section 504, English language learners, and at-risk students. The Company picked up $7.4M in new money in October of 2008.

Starfish Retention Solutions, Inc
Starfish Retention Solutions Inc. helps academic institutions engage, motivate and graduate more students. Starfish provides innovative software solutions to help institutions organize the services that have the greatest impact on student success. Starfish Retention Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. The company collected $3.15M in funds in July of 2008.

Telarix, Inc
Telarix, the leading provider of Interconnect Business Optimization software solutions, allows global carriers to maximize profitability by leveraging operational intelligence to enable real-time business decisions. Telarix’s innovative platform, iXTools™, is a web-based solution that provides analysis and reporting on traffic, rates, and destinations almost as quickly as the calls move across the global network. Telarix landed $20M in venture funding in April of 2010 from Brown Brothers Harriman.

Telkonet, Inc
Telkonet Communications is developing commercial power line networking solutions with an initial focus on the small and medium enterprise market. By using the existing electrical wiring, Telkonet provides a compelling, cost effective alternative to the disruption and expense of dedicated data wiring. Telkonet Communications landed $1.075M in venture funding in November of 2009.

TEOCO Corporation
At TEOCO, The Employee-Owned Company, we are driven by our core values. These values are our our guiding principles in all business initiatives; Alignment with Employees, Clients and Community therefore we act in the best interest of our employees, clients, and community, consistently seeking partnership and mutual benefit. Integrity, Honesty and Respect as we value our reputation and conduct our business with integrity, honesty, and respect for each individual. TEOCO received $60M in venture financing in October of 2009.

TidalTV Inc
TidalTV is an online video advertising network that leverages the power of data and technology to guarantee* delivery of brand’s message against a target demographic, and enable publishers to fully monetize the value of their audiences across all demographic segments. TidalTV landed $8.9M in venture funding in October of 2009.

Virtustream Inc
Virtustream, Inc. is an infrastructure services firm committed to helping clients actualize the enterprise cloud by providing strategy, integration and managed services leveraging virtualization technologies, and our proprietary, secure platform. Virtustream received $25M in venture financing in September of 2009 from Intel Capital, etc.

VOSS develops solutions for businesses with complex UC and IP telephony delivery requirements. The VOSS real-time, fully automated, centralized UC service delivery platform reduces complexity, speeds implementation, cuts costs for the fulfilment of unified communications and provides a platform from which new or additional UC services can be rapidly rolled out. The Company got a hold of $12M in venture money in September of 2008.

VisualCV, Inc
VisualCV reinvents the resume using technologies that transform the way in which resume data is presented, accessed and shared. A VisualCV allows professionals to easily build and manage an online career portfolio that comes alive with informational keyword pop-ups, video, pictures, and professional networking. VisualCV.com enables secure sharing of VisualCVs for networking, career advancement and business development. And, it'sfree. The Company landed $5M in venture funding in February of 2008.

Vovici Corporation
To be successful, organizations need information from customers, prospects and employees to make informed business decisions. Without it, the wrong decision will be made. Back in 1985, Coca-Cola conducted extensive market research before launching "New" Coke, only to realize that its loyal customers hated the new formula. Their customers did not care that Pepsi was favored in blind taste tests, they wanted their cola back. The Company received $6.3M in venture financing in April of 2010 from Austin Ventures and Mayfield.

WealthEngine.com is now offering free trial subscriptions to its online service. The trial subscriptions are good for two days from the day the subscription starts. According to Tony Glowacki, WealthEngine.com's Chief Operation Officer, "I firmly believe that the best way to appreciate our service is to use it. This new feature allows people to see firsthand the value our service provides." WealthEngine.com picked up $5M in new money in March of 2010.

Webs.com is the world's largest website building solution serving over 50 million users, where anyone can easily create a website and get free web hosting. In addition to its easy-to-use website building tools, Webs also offers an increasing array of rich, dynamic apps that empower users to go beyond static websites to create an engaging social web presence. According to comScore Media Metrix, Webs is among the top 100 most trafficked websites in the world. The company has tripled its revenues in the past 3 years.

Welocalize provides next-generation translation supply chain management that delivers market-ready, translated content-when and where you demand-at a higher output, a faster pace and an affordable price. The company has recently tripled its revenues.

ZeniMax Media Inc
ZeniMax Media is a unique media organization which has brought together a powerful creative force of world-class game developers, artists and designers, programmers, and leading executives and talent from traditional media. ZeniMax creates and publishes original interactive entertainment content for consoles, the PC, and handheld/wireless devices. ZeniMax got a hold of $105M in money in July of 2009.

Zephyr™ is a global leader in the rapidly growing remote Physical Status Monitoring (PSM) market. Zephyr's products measure the vital signs of individuals engaged in potentially hazardous or stressful environments. Zephyr's sensing and communications expetise allows customers and partners to truly "Measure Life...Anywhere". Zephyr™ got a hold of $2M in venture money in July of 2009.

ZoomSafer Inc
ZoomSafer is a leading provider of software for mobile phones to prevent distracted driving. Designed specifically for corporate customers, FleetSafer enables employers to proactively enforce cell phone usage policies to reduce crashes, risk and liability. The Company received $1M in venture financing in October of 2009.
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