Hot 90 - Southern California
About the "Hot 90 Awards" - Southern California Region
In order to recognize the hottest technology companies in each geographical market, we are proud to announce that we have launched the inaugural "Lead411 Hot List Awards". Our first set of awards will be for the Southern California region.

Our goal at Lead411 has always been to provide the highest quality information so we our hope is that these awards reflect our high standards of quality and oversight, as well as the breadth and depth of our research.

Each day our research team combs through a minimum of 600 releases and articles which include vc financing releases, new contract or partner announcements, product launches, business journal articles, and other news resources. This gives us a unique ability to identify which companies are "hot" and which companies are most likely to succeed.

We first use our database to identify companies which companies have landed financing, a new customer, won an award, etc. Then, our selection committee reviews companies' executive bios, financial situations, recent news and positioning in the marketplace in order to hand-pick the winners based on their potential for future growth. With this particular award, we started with over 500 Southern California companies and narrowed it down to the 90 you see here.

Criteria for Southern California Region
  • Cities: Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, or any county in between;
  • Industries: Software, Wireless, Internet and Media companies;
  • Financial: Private; Under $100M Yearly Revenue;

What We Evaluate
For these awards, a company is evaluated on:
  • The strength of their revenue or traffic gains in the past 2 years;
  • Their unique position in their vertical; or
  • Their potential due to their concept and/or financial position.


Questions or Corrections
If you have any questions about these awards, please email us at If you find any errors or would like to suggest a correction, please contact us on

About Lead411
Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. Customers include Gartner, Administaff, ADP, and Corning. Lead411's sales and marketing blog as well.

Last December, Ace Metrix received $6M from Leapfrog Ventures. Ace Metrix delivers actionable analytics and competitive intelligence through its first online service measuring television advertising effectiveness.
Active Network received $80M in funding from ESPN in 2008 and has been on an acquisition tear ever since. Web properties include,,,, etc.
Affiliate Media, Inc. is an interactive agency specializing in international marketing, publishing, and online ad integration solutions, including Online and Offline Publishing and Branding Solutions, affiliate marketing services, and marketing strategy consulting. Most recently the company was awarded the 11th spot on the Orange County Business Journal list of fastest growing companies.
Headquartered in Santa Barbara, AppFolio was started by a team of technology leaders with proven experience creating software that businesses love to use. AppFolio creates complete, web-based solutions for multiple vertical markets and the first AppFolio product was specifically created for residential property managers. Last August they received $8M in venture financing.
Awarepoint's mission is to provide hospital leaders with exceptional business intelligence to improve quality of care, patient safety, clinical and financial outcomes by delivering enterprise-wide resource visibility and management through a real-time awareness solution. Funded with a fourth round of funding in 2008, its RFID technologies and real-time location systems track information for hospitals.
Central Desktop delivers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) social technology platform that allows next-generation business teams to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. They have won many awards including InformationWeek's Startup 50.
Resonance is a Web 2.0 optimization and personalization platform that automates a company’s ability to provide relevant, individualized content and experience in real-time that calls visitors to an online sales or other marketing-related action. In the past year they have won 2 different awards and currently have as a customer.
CitizenHawk is a provider of digital brand management solutions. They enable clients to recover domains from cybersquatters and typosquatters, as well as monitor, protect and enforce proper use of your online brands. They receive $3M in financing in 2008.
Cognition has created a Natural Language Processing technology. They have recently received financing, but their largest achievement has been its licensing deal with Their CTO/Founder, Kathleen Dahlgren, has a PhD in Linguistics and previously worked on building a "natural language understanding system" for IBM.
Cornerstone OnDemand provides industry-leading talent management solutions for organizations of any size, across all industries. Cornerstone has worked in conjunction with HR, talent and learning executives to build the leading talent management platform for learning and development, performance management, succession planning, compliance and compensation management. The company received $12.7M in financing in March 0f 2009.
Covario is a full-service search marketing firm that provides Fortune 500 companies with software and agency service solutions for paid search advertising (PPC), organic search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising and social media programs. Covario acquired Netconcepts last month and has won many awards in the past 12 months.
According to Quantcast, in the past year Cramster has grown from 110K visits to 370K visits. Cramster's goal is to help students anywhere, anytime, without the need for a library, a meeting time or an expensive tutor. They received funding in 2008.
CrownPeak offer a combination of software and services that empower online marketers to create, manage and optimize web content to drive measurable results and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing budgets. They have won numerous awards and have just opened an office in New York.
CyberCity 3D's mission is to provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art, 3D solutions for any 3D modeling or visualization application with a special focus on 3D web publishing and advertising for residential and commercial real estate, apartment rentals, travel destinations, government agencies, and geographic information systems. They received $4.3M in funding in July 2008.
Demand Media's is most known for its website and its founder, Richard Rosenblatt. Rosenblatt was the Chairman of Myspace and led the way for its acquisition of by News Corp. Demand Media owns multiple web properties including, GolfLink,, and Cracked.
Docstoc has blown up in the past year. Although traffic has appeared to level off, they have a new source of revenue with their DocStore. They are located in Santa Monica.
Eucalyptus is an open-source system for implementing on-premise private and hybrid clouds using the hardware and software infrastructure that is in place, without modification. Downloads of their software have been gaining popularity and they have NASA as a client.
Eventful is a leading digital service connecting consumers with entertainment and live events. Over 15 million people rely on Eventful every week to find out what's happening and decide what to do; from movies, concerts and sports to family fun and nightlife. Currently Eventful receives 4M unique visitors a month.
Probably the most unique company in our list, Everbridge merges technology with industry knowledge to help millions of people communicate in a crisis, manage operational incidents and connect on a daily basis. Their software is bascially an incident notification system. The company received $9M last May.
ExpenseBay was created to help business employees automate their expense reports, turning stacks of receipts, unpaid credit card bills and lengthy hours of data entry into a few short minutes. Recently ExpenseBay won the Twiistup 6 Startup Award.
Factual is a platform where anyone can share and mash open data on any subject. For example, you might find a directory of US restaurants, a database of endocrinologists, or a list of video game cheat codes. Yesterday, February 23rd, 2010, they received $1M in funding from Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, Idealab, etc.
FatTail wants to make it easy fore online publishers to price, plan and sell premium guaranteed advertising inventory... products include PageGage and Adbook. They received $3M in 2008 from Velocity Interactive Group.
Founded by previous NASA employees, Fetch Technologies' software enables organizations to extract, aggregate and use real-time information from websites. They recently made the Inc. Top 5000 private companies list.
Flipswap helps you get paid to recycle your old cell phone. For example, it estimates that one would get $180.69 for an Apple iPhone 16GB. After joining their service, you mail in your phone and wait 2-3 weeks to receive your check. The LA based company was #81 in Inc's Fastest Growing Companies of 2009.
Fonality is dedicated to providing affordable, enterprise-class phone systems that allow businesses to compete on a level playing field with much larger companies. They have won numerous awards, have over 500 customers, and just hired on a new CEO.
Funding with $6.25M last May, FUHU is a provider of Web 2.0 properties and applications that help people manage, access and share their digital life anywhere. Their web properties include and
Getfugu is a mobile search and eCommerce company. It's popular iPhone application allows you to either take a picture or speak a commercial brand in order to find where you can purchase that brand. The L.A. based company received funding in December of 2009.
Gorilla Nation is one of the largest media advertising representative firms. Ever since its $50M funding in 2007 it has skyrocketed. They recently partnered with US Weekly and opened a new office in Australia.
Founded in 2006, Grid Net is a leading provider of open, interoperable, policy-based network management software and communications products for the utility industry’s smart grid. Grid Net got funding in July 2009 from General Electric.
GumGum is a licensing and distribution platform for online content that focuses on pay per post or ad-supported subsidies versus the typical flat rate. The Santa Monica based company received funding in the summer of 2009.
Hydra is an online advertising network where advertisers pay only for new customers, leads, or any other specific campaign result. It is a cost per action (CPA) network. They have been listed in Inc's Top 500 list the past 3 years in a row.
Image Metrics provides facial animation solutions to the entertainment industry. The Santa Monica based company recently received $6.5M in funding.
Last month Impact Radius received $6M in financing from Redpoint Ventures. Impact Radius links performance advertising to TV, radio, print and online distribution channels—delivering to advertisers and media partners opportunities for growth and profit. They have tools and technology to negotiate and manage relationships directly on a single platform.
Two weeks ago Interactive Video Technologies received $5.5M in round B venture financing. IVT’s technologies are enterprise-grade video communication and webcasting. IVT is an industry leader in scalable, redundant and reliable software that transforms organizational information sharing and powers high-impact, rich media presentations for lead generation, corporate communication, and training.
Interneer providesn human-centric Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. Using their Intellect Platform, businesses can automate business processes and workflows. They received $1.2M in funding in 2008.
iolo technologies, a software provider that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows computers was recently named "Fastest Growing US Company" by the ABA. The 2500 person outfit has been given numerous other awards, incl. GCN Product of the Year and LABJ Best Places to Work, and is located in Los Angeles.
iRise provides "enterprise visualization" software for business applications. Their software allows businesses to more effectively communicate their needs to technology teams and give everyone involved the ability to interact with and fully experience applications before they are built. The company has announced numerous customer wins and received around $20M in 2008.
With LeadPoint, lead buyers now have a single location where they can purchase qualified leads from multiple sources without the fear of fraud or of paying too much for poor quality leads. Lead sellers now have a single marketplace to sell quality leads at the highest price the market yields. The company received $6M in funding in 2008.
LeisureLink was built to help specialty lodging companies. They provide global distribution and power more demand for their clients' properties. They received $6.2M in funding in March of 2009.
For two years in a row, LiveOffice has been named in the Inc Top 5000 list. Their three year growth rate has been 122 percent. LiveOffice provides SaaS email archiving and Hosted Exchange 2007 solutions, with more than 9,000 clients.
magnify360 is attempting to bring the reality 1-to-1 personalization to the online user experience. magnify360 provides a fourth generation SaaS Platform that enables Web sites to adapt in real-time to the behaviors of individual visitors.
Marketshare Partners helps its customers decipher ROI on their marketing and advertising campaigns. Its CEO/Founder, was previously the CEO of TEQUILA, a $1.4B marketing services network.
Medsphere Systems Corporation is an organization of clinical and technology professionals teaming to give healthcare organizations a high-quality open-source electronic health record (EHR) solution that facilitates full clinician adoption, relatively painless workflow automation, and the means to achieve clinical and financial transformation. In September of 2009, they received $12M in venture financing.
Funded in late 2008, Mogreet is a video mobile marketing platform. Using their solution you are able to communicate in video with your consumers and prospective consumers. The company recently announced a partnership with American Greetings for video mobile e-cards.
Previously called, myLife has exploded in the past couple of years. The people search provider and network now has over 19 million unique visitors a month and recently acquired fellow people search site
NComputing is a fast growing desktop virtualization company with millions of users in 140 countries. The company's award-winning technology lowers desktop computing costs, improves manageability, and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. They received over $28M in venture financing in 2008.
NeoGov provides HR/Workforce software for the public sector and government agencies. NeoGov was named as a Top 50 Software Company by Inc. Additionally, their web property traffic has doubled in the past two years.
NetSeer, Inc. is a technology start-up focused on next generation search and ad targeting. Pioneers of intention-based ad targeting, NetSeer uses sophisticated mathematics and algorithms to make advances that were previously unattainable in Internet advertising. If you take a look at their traffic they have grown by at least 5X in the past year.
Onestop Internet offers outsourced retail e-commerce development and management with a customized, brand-centric approach. Strategic and logistical services are designed to support client growth, and include marketing & merchandising, site design, customer service, product photography, and warehousing & fulfillment. In May of last year they received $13.3M in funding.
OpenCandy is the distribution and monetization platform exclusively for consumer software providers. The Company maximizes value for its partners by delivering compelling recommendations through an exceptional user experience. Some of their clients include Paltalk and BitTorrent. The company was funded in late 2008.
OpenX is an open source ad server for web publishers. They offer their community of publishers comprehensive, customizable and free to use ad serving technology. Their biggest news yet is their recent partnership announcement with Microsoft.
With the enactment of the ASC Topic 718 Auditing Standard, tracking and complying with options laws became much harder. OptionEase was created to make that process easier. Its founder, Kimberly Kovacs, has strong experience in this arena, previously serving as CFO of RosettaNet and ORYXE.
Passenger's goal is to create private online communities for gathering insights, driving innovation and building advocacy and loyalty for companies and brands. The SaaS company is doing quite well as they have already picked up clients like Fox, Adidas, and American Express.
Perfect Market specializes in monetizing long-tail content for publishers, creating additional revenue from this underutilized asset. The company's patented technology platform both drives incremental traffic and increases the monetization of existing traffic to this content. After receiving $15.6M in financing, the company acquired MediaRiver in 2008.
Fresh off $750K in financing, the website is focused on providing lists and rankings about everything. They are using Freebase, Wikipedia, and their users to create their content and according to Quantcast their traffic has been growing steady.
RazorGator, Inc. is a leading secondary ticket distributor that provides its customers with sold-out and hard-to-find tickets to premium sports, concerts and theater events worldwide. But most importantly, RazorGator is the official ticket provider of Fox Sports. Twelve months ago they received $7.5M in funding.
ReachLocal, Inc.’s mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses acquire, maintain and retain customers via the Internet. ReachLocal offers a comprehensive suite of online marketing and reporting solutions, including search engine marketing, display advertising, remarketing and online marketing analytics, each targeted to the small and medium-sized business market. They recently filed for an IPO in December 2009.
RealD is a leader in 3D technology which creates the realistic and enjoyable digital 3D experience in theatres worldwide, cutting-edge visualization tools for professionals, and technology for tomorrow's 3D TVs. Some of their recent projects include the movies Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.
Santa Barbara based, RightScale is a leader in cloud computing management offering a fully automated management platform that enables organizations to easily deploy and manage business critical applications across multiple clouds. It has won numerous awards and recently landed Zynga as a client.
RingRevenue enables advertising networks and agencies to track and manage calls better and easier than clicks. They got a round of funding last June.
Riot Games is an independent Los Angeles-based game developer and publisher. The studio was established in 2006 to develop innovative online next-generation titles for PC and consoles. They have gone through a couple of rounds of fundings.
RotoHog offers a full suite of robust fantasy games, casual games and social network applications for our partners. Our flagship Stock Exchange game combines a traditional points scoring system with an innovative stock market-style trading floor to make a very exciting and addictive game. The company received $2M from Mission Ventures in 2009.
Row 44 is the fast, global, fleet-wide solution for in-flight broadband services – high-speed Internet, video entertainment, cell phone roaming, and airline operational in-flight communications. They recently received funding in order to rollout their service. They already have clients such as Southwest Airlines.
Backed with over $4M in venture financing, RoyaltyShare's software helps digital music providers manage their sales and distribution. They recently announced a deal with Canadian record label, Nettwerk Music Group., headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a provider of on-demand IT service and asset management solutions. This fully hosted, web-based IT service and asset management solution is offered as an on-demand service and licensed on a subscription basis. In December, Service-Now received $41M in funding for a stock buyback, but more recently they announced PepsiAmericas as a new customer.
Six Degrees Games is a videogame and virtual world publisher founded in 2006 with headquarters in Marina del Rey. They recently got a round of funding for $7M.
Sometrics software provides social analytics with targeted ad serving capabilities to help developers and brands monetize the social web. The Los Angeles based company got a round of funding from Steamboat Ventures in October of 2009.
You probably have already heard of Spot Runner. In the past 2 years, they have acquired Weblistic, received $51M in venture financing, and have won numerous awards. Spot Runner’s mission is to make advertisers successful by revolutionizing the entire advertising process – including the way it is created, targeted, planned, bought and sold.
SupplyFrame Media is the media arm of SupplyFrame Inc. and dedicated to delivering high-performance, measurable marketing solutions for the electronics industry. SupplyFrame Media provides advertising solutions for electronics marketers looking to introduce new products, drive engineers to their websites, and convert prospects into customers. According to Quantcast, their media network has nearly doubled in traffic in the past year and a half.
Rubicon Project was created for publishers in order to optimize their ad inventory and they have been growing quickly... customers include, Metacafe, and Slide.
ThisNext is an online media and social-shopping company where people recommend their favorite products for others to discover and purchase online. In the past two weeks they have acquired StyleHive and received $1.2M in financing.
TouchCommerce is a provider of online interaction optimization solutions using customer analytics and live interaction technology. They help their customers convert prospects into sales. The Agoura Hills company received $10M in funding in 2009.
Transaction Wireless is a mobile commerce, payment and one-to-one relationship marketing company enabling a link between consumers, retailers and brands via any mobile device. They received funding last December from Mission Ventures.
Fresh off a $2M second round of funding and customers like Fox, MTV, and CBS, Transpera is looking to do quite well. Transpera is the largest mobile video delivery and ad network in North America, powering mobile video channels for premium video brands.
Tweetphoto has obviously benefited from the popularity of Twitter.... their chart shows them skyrocketing. The San Diego company still has hefty competition from Twitpic though.
uSamp, formerly United Sample, is one of the fastest growing online panel companies. The global company provides survey panelists for use in market research and received $3M in funding in 2008.
Vanguard Voice Systems just announced a $23M contract with a Defense Logistics Agency last October which should keep their growth steady for awhile. They are a provider of AccuSpeech® Mobile Voice Platform (MVP) for enterprise-wide voice productivity deployment. MVP enables enterprises to achieve tactical, operational and strategic advantage by adding voice-directed hardware and application controls, navigation and data entry capabilities to existing mobile applications and business processes.
Verimatrix creates software that is involved with IPTV content protection. They have won numerous awards and are headquartered in San Diego.
Volusion is a leader in e-commerce software for online businesses. Over the last ten years, thousands of companies have used Volusion to succeed online, including market leaders such as Disney, Motorola, Chicago Tribune, Michigan State University and Crutchfield. They have a list of 11 different awards they have won on their site including Codies, Inc 5000, etc.
Wanova provides Distributed Desktop Virtualization solutions that transform how companies manage, support and protect their desktops and laptops. They just announced an A round at $13M in August 2009, and more recently, announced additions to their management team.
Fresh off a $20M third round of financing, WebVisible is a SaaS company for local online advertising for small businesses. They have won multiple awards including "Internet Product of the Year" by the American Electronics Association.
In the past two years has grown from 500,000 unique monthly visitors to 5M global monthly uniques. The site has been cashing in on long tail google searches just like eHow, Squidoo, etc. They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and CNBC...
WooMe is an online dating service and chat application that gives its users the ability to meet guys and girls near them with free live video and webcam chats. It is a unique service that is bring speed dating to the internet. The company received in $3M in funding and their traffic has nearly doubled since last year.
Based in Los Angeles, CA, privately held WorldMate develops mobile travel software. Their latest iPhone application integrates LinkedIn with their own mobile software.
An Idealab funded company, X1 Technologies has won numerous awards. The X1 eDiscovery Search Suite provides an eDiscovery solution for early legal case assessment and can reduce the overall costs associated with legal eDiscovery. The company is headquartered in Pasadena.
XCast Labs is an advanced SaaS provider that has developed a comprehensive suite of software and hardware solutions that enable Cable operators, CLECs, RLECs, ISPs, Telecom Resellers and marketing companies to offer integrated IP-based services to their end-users. Last month, XCast announced their revenues had grown 48% in 2009.
In the past year, Yidio's traffic has grown by at least 5X. Yidio's goal is to provide simply the best way to watch TV & Movies online. With thousands of hours of TV programming now available online, Yidio aggregates content for over 300,000 episodes across nearly 3,000 TV shows.
YouMail provides a free customizable cell phone voicemail service that lets users customize, manage and deliver messages the way they want and when they want. They have won numerous awards over the past two years and had two rounds of financing in 2007.
Zadspace offers an new medium called “Zads” for highly targeted direct marketing and direct response marketing. Zadspace effectively targets individual customers using a combination of “hot” transactional data and historical behavioral data.
Zumbox provides the first all-digital postal system that is free for qualified senders of regular mail, such as billers, governments and community organizations. Zumbox delivers mail electronically based on the same street addresses as traditional physical postal systems and enables consumers to easily access their mail from anywhere at anytime via the Internet. Zumbox received $8M in funding last year.
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