Zoominfo Pricing Starts at $10,000: Lead411 Alternative

The #1 Zoominfo alternative has always been Lead411. Lead411 delivers office direct dials, mobile phone numbers, verified email addresses, sales triggers, buying signals, similar companies and competitors, decision maker role changes, a new chrome extension, mined job openings, technographics, and a new automated email cadence saas tool. ZoomInfo pricing starts at $10,000 a year. You can find more info about Lead411’s pricing here.

Our dataset of emails and direct dials are not available within any other platform including ZoomInfo. With Lead411’s data you will be calling/emailing contacts that are not already exhausted by customers of ZoomInfo. A bulk exports package that has unlimited exporting is available with Lead411 as well.

The technology we use allows us to verify our data with higher accuracy and lower costs which we pass onto our customers. Don’t take our word for it. Compare our data with ZoomInfo’s by doing a demo.

Get 50 free verified leads with a demo today!

Lead411 ZoomInfo
Direct Dials Yes Yes
Sales Trigger Intelligence/News Yes Yes
Email/SMS Campaigns Built-in Yes No
ROI Ranking #3 #5