8 Types of Bombora B2B Buyer Intent Signals?

Oct 23, 2023 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

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Lead411 partners with Bombora for B2B buyer intent signals built into the Lead411 platform. Bombora is a company that specializes in providing the most useful B2B intent data and buyer intent signals. They track online behavior and engagement to identify when businesses or individuals are showing interest in specific products or services. Bombora captures a range of intent signals, and these signals can be grouped into 8 different categories, such as:


1. Topic-Based Signals: These signals are related to specific topics or keywords. For example, Bombora can identify when companies are actively researching topics or keywords related to your industry, products, or services.

2. Firmographic Signals: These signals are based on the characteristics of the companies themselves. This includes data such as the size of the company, its industry, location, and other firmographic details.

 3. Technographic Signals: Technographic signals are related to the technology stack or software solutions that a company is using or researching. This can indicate a potential need for complementary or competing products or services.

4. Engagement Signals: Engagement signals track the level of engagement a company has with your content, website, or online resources. High engagement can be a strong indicator of interest.

5. Buying Group Signals: Bombora can identify when multiple individuals from the same company are showing intent signals, suggesting that a buying group or decision-making team is forming.

 6. Content Consumption Signals: This includes data on the specific types of content that are being consumed by a company’s employees or representatives. For example, if someone from a company is regularly downloading whitepapers or watching webinars on a specific topic, it’s a strong indicator of interest

 7. Intent Surge Signals: These signals indicate a significant increase in a company’s intent signals over a short period, suggesting a sudden surge in interest or activity related to your industry or offerings.

8. Predictive Signals: Bombora’s algorithms can provide predictive insights into which companies are most likely to become customers based on their intent signals and other data points.

These signals are typically used by B2B marketers and sales teams to prioritize their outreach efforts, tailor their messaging, and engage with potential customers more effectively. It’s important to note that the specific intent signals and their availability may vary based on the data package or service offered by Lead411.

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