Are you researching your inbound prospects?

Aug 31, 2020 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

Are you researching your inbound prospects Featured Image
You get a lead in that wants a quote, or is ready to learn more about your services/solutions?  Great!!! What are your next steps?

Do you reach out immediately to strike when the iron is hot?

Do you research the company so you can put your best foot forward?

You should be doing both!

Here is a list of things you should be checking into before reaching out to learn more about your inbound prospect.


  • Look up the company persona: what do they do? What do they offer? Who are their customers and what value do they provide?


  • What is the size of the company?  This will give you an idea of what kind of sales cycle you may be dealing with.  Larger corporations tend to have more departments involved, resulting in a longer sales cycle.  Be sure and ask what their time frame is for making a decision, this will give you an idea of whether or not they are moving quickly in their research phase.


  • How is the company doing?  Are they on a growth path?  Are they hiring? Did they just get funded or just release an IPO?


  • Does the company fit your ICP?  Can you give examples of other companies similar to this one that you have helped?


  • Is the contact that reached out on Linkedin?  Do you have anything in common with them? Some of the same connections? What is their title? Are they a decision maker?  How long have they been at the company?  


If you can find out all of this information and formulate a profile of the lead quickly, the odds of you starting a positive conversation toward a business relationship increase dramatically.

Lead411 is the perfect research platform when you need information to help your inbound sales process.   You can find all of the above information in one location, and our data is accurate and re-verified on a regularly scheduled basis so you can be confident in your next communications.  Get a personalized product tour today so you can be prepared when the next qualified prospect comes in.

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