How Intelligent Marketing Triggers are Eliminating the Tradition of Buying Lists

Jul 17, 2017 | Big Data, Blog, Sales and Marketing

How Intelligent Marketing Triggers are Eliminating the Tradition of Buying Lists

Using Data to Grow Your Prospects

More data is publicly available today than ever before, and this new information is helping marketers rethink their approach to sales. By analyzing data in an intelligent way, marketers create more targeted conversations, convert more prospects to customers, and eliminate the need to buy lists and blast information with intelligent marketing triggers.

List Buying

Traditional thinking about internet marketing creates a demand for an endless supply of new contacts. In the past, sales teams turned to list buying as a way to source new email addresses.

List buying allows marketers to build up their contacts immediately by acquiring a list compiled by another company. Marketers often select some basic data, such as demographic information.

While list buys are efficient, marketers know that blasting these lists is not always effective. To start, it’s impossible for marketers to know whether their emails will even reach real people. But most importantly, this impersonal approach goes against the most fundamental principles of marketing – it doesn’t focus on customer preferences.

Intelligent Marketing Triggers

In recent years, marketers are rethinking this approach. Publicly available data can grow a list of legitimate contacts who are likely interested in your product. What’s more, intelligent triggers can help marketers understand purchasing behavior.

Intelligent marketing triggers are eliminating the need for list buying by creating a mechanism for more intentional conversations with real prospects. This new approach leads to better, more relevant offers that are more likely to lead to sales.

It reduces the need to blast potential customers with information, which also means emails more likely to be read and less likely to end up in the SPAM folder.

Joining the marketing revolution and harnessing data to gain insight about their prospects can help you maintain a competitive edge. At Lead411, we can provide the tools to help you understand more about your potential customers.


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