Sales Tactics: Email isn’t enough, time to pick up the phone

May 21, 2024 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

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In the sales world, where technology continues to influence how organizations communicate with potential clients, one thing is certain: depending only on email outreach is no longer enough. In today’s sales environment, a multi-reach strategy that combines the efficiency of email with the personal touch of phone calls is critical to success.

While email has been a key component of sales techniques for decades, its effectiveness has declined in recent years. With overloaded inboxes and advanced spam filters, standing out among the stream of commercial emails has become increasingly difficult. As a result, sales professionals are realizing that a more diverse strategy is required to cut through the noise and attract prospects’ attention.

Enter the power of direct dials. A phone conversation can bridge the gap between digital communication and the human connection that face-to-face engagement provides. It provides a human touch that email cannot match, allowing salesmen to build relationships, show sincerity, and resolve concerns in real time.

But why stop with phone calls? Combining email and phone outreach produces a synergistic impact that increases engagement. Here’s why a multi-reach approach is essential in today’s sales market.

Diversified Communication Channels: Different prospects prefer various ways of communication. While some people respond well to emails, others prefer the directness and immediacy of a phone conversation. By using both channels, sales professionals may cater to individual tastes, improving the likelihood of interaction.

Increased Visibility and Memorability: A multi-reach strategy ensures that your message is not lost in the shuffle. Sending a follow-up email after a phone contact strengthens your presence in the prospect’s mind, increasing the likelihood that they will remember and act on your offer.

Enhanced Relationship Building: Trust and rapport are crucial in sales. While email is useful for brief introductions and information sharing, a phone call allows for more in-depth conversations and a more personal connection. By combining the two, salespeople can speed up the relationship-building process and set the groundwork for long-term collaborations.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Not all prospects respond at the same time or via the same channels. A multi-reach technique enables sales professionals to respond to their prospects’ preferences and availability, boosting the likelihood of meaningful encounters.

Comprehensive Follow-Up: In sales, perseverance pays off. Following up with prospects through different channels indicates your commitment to meeting their needs. A multi-reach approach, whether by email, phone calls, or social media, ensures that no opportunity is missed.

Implementing a multi-reach strategy necessitates meticulous planning and coordination. A simple email stating that I will give you a follow up call can go along way. Here are some ideas to increase its effectiveness:

Segment your prospects: Determine whether prospects are more responsive to emails, phone calls, or a combination of the two. Customize your outreach plan to increase engagement.

Establish a Cadence: Create a planned cadence for contacting prospects via email and phone calls. Balance frequency to remain visible without becoming invasive.

Personalize Your Communication: Personalized communication, whether by email or phone, is more effective with prospects. Take the time to explore their past, identify their problem points, and customize your message accordingly.

Track and Analyze Performance: Metrics like as response rates, conversion rates, and time to close can help you assess the effectiveness of your multi-reach strategy. Use this information to strengthen your strategy and future outreach attempts.

Finally, a multi-faceted strategy is critical for success. While email is still an effective technique for early outreach and information sharing, incorporating direct dial phone calls into your plan provides a personal touch and increases engagement. Sales people that effectively use both channels can boost visibility, create relationships, and ultimately generate revenue growth in a competitive environment.

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