So why in the world do we need another list of sales thought leaders in 2023? Because we wanted a list of ALL sales influencers… not just the Top 10 or 25. We want this page and our Airtable list to be the ultimate resource for finding good sales content producers on Linkedin so you can stay on top of fresh ideas, etc. We will continue to update the list, but you can add yourself if you meet the criteria as well. See below.
About the Rankings/Sort
We didn’t rank this list based on the content value, etc. It is just sorted by the number of followers. It’s not surprising that the top content producers have the most followers though.

How did we choose who to include?
The first 150-200 people were chosen by myself. These are people that I have been following on Linkedin for at least a few years. I then requested my network to give me their favorites. Then we went to each profile and looked at the “People Also Viewed” section to come up with more ideas.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Influencer must have over 2,000 followers
  • They must post about sales at least once per week.

Add Yourself
If you meet the criteria above and don’t see your name, we would love for you to be added. Add yourself here.