**Updated August 1st, 2023: For this updated list we are ranking Sales Influencers by their follower growth.

So why in the world do we need another list of sales thought leaders in 2023? Because we wanted a list of ALL sales influencers… not just the Top 10 or 25. We want this Airtable list to be the ultimate resource for finding good sales content producers on Linkedin so you can stay on top of fresh ideas, tactics, etc.

How did we choose who to include?
The first ~150 people were chosen by myself. These are people that I have been following on Linkedin for at least a few years. I then requested my network to give me their favorites. Then we went to each profile and looked at the “People Also Viewed” section to come up with more ideas.


  • Andy Newborn added over 100,000 followers in 6 months.
  • Influencers like Jen Allen and Brandon Baker increased their follower count by over 50%.
  • The Top 10 Influencers post at least twice as often as the people in the middle of the pack.
  • A “Survey of Best Practices” was sent to all influencers. To get the results follow Tom Blue.


    Are you included?
    Please see the email we sent you on our survey.  We would appreciate it if you would fill it out. We are trying to get some great data points/best practices from top sales leaders.

    Add Yourself
    If you would like to be added we are being more restrictive than just “add yourself” now so please send an email to tom@lead411.io.

    Download the Full List
    See the “Download CSV” button at the bottom of the Airtable list in order to get everyone.