Raffle for Black Lives Matter

Raffle for Black Lives Matter

by Tom Blue | June 9, 2020

We are creating a huge raffle for Black Lives Matter….

What is in it for you?

  • 1 Year of Lead411 Enterprise Unlimited Export Subscription ($10K to $100K value) *subject to our current terms & conditions
  • The Ultimate Sales Book Bundle (see below)
  • A Dopamine Boost for being awesome
  • All donators get 1 free month to our Starter sub (regardless if they win the raffle)

How to Enter?

  • Donate $25 to Black Lives Matter for 1 Raffle ticket – Email me your receipt – tom@lead411.io
  • Tag a friend in my Linkedin post and get 1 Raffle ticket if they donate $25 – If they donate I will look to see who referred them.

Other Info:

  • We will announce the winner on our social media channels and notify the winner directly via email on June 24th, 2020. The winner will be emailed directly too.
  • For each $25 you donate you get 1 raffle ticket.
  • For every person you tag in the Linkedin comments that also donates gets you an additional raffle ticket.
  • You must work for a company within sales, marketing, biz dev, etc. (we only accept business emails for sign up, personal emails are not permitted)
  • The data provided in Lead411 can only be used for your internal business purposes (not for personal consumption) and is not to be shared with others (we take data privacy seriously).
  • We are donating $500 to Black Lives Matter ourselves.

  • What books are in the Ultimate Sales Book Bundle?

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