3 Tips To Gain More Insight From Your Leads and Close More Sales

Jun 30, 2021 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

3 Tips to Gain more Insight from your Leads and Close more Sales Featured Image

It takes more than old-fashioned intuition to effectively gain insight from your leads in this day and age. With more tools available, and a growing pool of information readily available, it’s  a daunting task to work through every lead that comes along. When the lists come in, don’t be overwhelmed. Don’t become impersonal in your approach because you think you don’t have the time. Start working smarter, not harder, when it comes to your leads and you will quickly see the benefits of a more personal approach.

1. Be fast in your response.

The average contact with a lead happens 61 hours from the point the lead has been generated, according to Salesforce . You don’t need to spend much time on your first touch to a lead. As long as you are the first person of contact, you can beat out any competition. Take a tip from Entrepreneur, and have an automated quick response email sent to each lead. “Thanks for your interest, I will be in touch shortly to follow up.”. Just like that, a conversation has begun.

2. Focus on lead quality.

You want to be busy, but not busy with roads that lead to nowhere. Check in with your lists to see if you are focusing on quality vs quantity. Consider what information you take in. In the Huffington Post’s, “10 Smart Ways For Generating High Quality Leads For Your Business.”, there is a big emphasis on identity. That includes you identifying your unique offer to a lead. It also includes using the lead’s identity. Gather more information now, so that you won’t waste your time later. Find sales triggers that give you an opportune time to reach out.  Companies that are spending, hiring or investing in technology can tell you a lot about the culture and spending trends of a company.  Use this data to your advantage and reach out to address this, i.e. “I noticed that company was recently funded, congratulations.  We have helped several recently funded companies ramp up by …”

3. Measure success with the data you gather.

If a certain message worked with a certain criteria, make note and see if you can identify a trend.  If you can pinpoint the criteria of your ideal customer, you can save a lot of time and focus your attention toward companies in this niche.  Build a story with this niche that resonates and you will see your sales increase drastically.

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