6 Must-Ask Questions For Your Contact Data Provider

Jan 28, 2020 | Big Data, Blog, Sales and Marketing

6 Must-Ask Questions for your Contact Data Provider
The need for accurate data is at an all time high, which means that vetting the right data provider is of great importance, to ensure your business stays compliant with data regulations, and new data privacy laws like the CCPA.

In order to help our customers and potential customers understand how Lead411 has taken the appropriate steps to protect our customers, here are our answers to the top 6 must-ask questions to ask your contact data provider.

1. Where is your data sourced from?

Our data is sourced through a multi-faceted approach. Our data team uses a proprietary technology that searches public data, social resources and company websites. Our data team also verifies that our sources are correct through manual verification, automated verification, and real-time verification before it is added to the Lead411 platform.

2. How often is your data cleaned and re-verified?

We are constantly looking at our data to ensure it is as clean and accurate as possible. The verified data has a 90% accuracy rate. We make sure to clean and re-verify our data every 3 months. We know that companies hire new employees, employees retire or move on to new opportunities, etc, so we are constantly looking at our data to make sure we add or eliminate data from our platform as the ebb and flow of the corporate world does the same.

3. How often do you add new data?

We add data everyday! Whether its new direct dials, new email addresses, new company branch locations, new executive hires etc, we are constantly making improvements to our platform so can we add value that our customers can utilize daily. We also use proprietary research methods to get data that other data providers can’t, which helps us stay ahead of the competition.

4. Are you compliant with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Is my company and personal data private as a customer? Do you scrape my email signature if I am a customer?

We are compliant with the CCPA and GDPR meaning we respect a contacts data and comply to remove their data at their request. We make sure we protect the data in our platform, and the privacy data of our customers. Our team makes sure to keep up with all the laws and regulations surrounding data privacy. We never scrape email signatures (like some of our competitors) which could be a liability risk and we never add customer data to our platform when they sign up as a customer, a free trial or demo. We use a third-party secure platform for payment and customer subscriptions information and that data is removed if the relationship with Lead411 is terminated.

5. Beyond just general contact data, how can I leverage your data to help my business further?

Lead411 is proud of the depth of our data. Our customers utilize our trigger intelligence to find opportunities to reach out with the right conversation. Our triggers include data about new hires, new executives, new IPO’s, new funding, recent company awards, expansion plans and more. We know each one of our customers has a unique data set, and we try to offer an all-encompassing and easy to use solution.

6. What makes you different from other data providers?

Beyond our data, and the in-depth data intelligence, we offer our customers the ability to reach out directly from our platform with our Reach feature. Reach gives our customers the ability to set up email and/or SMS campaign cadences, so there is no need to export to a third-party email client, and no need to upload data to the company CRM until a contact is a warm and qualified prospect.

Why are these questions so important?

The answer is time. We have prospects looking for data providers who go with a smaller, un-proven solution and end up coming back to Lead411 after they realize they should have asked the right questions to find the right provider. When you are looking for a provider, be sure you know what you are getting. There are a lot of solutions in the data space that sacrifice quality and privacy, so be sure to save time and ask these questions as you evaluate your next data provider.

If you would like to evaluate Lead411 as your next data provider, we would be happy to set up a demo with you.

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