Are You Keeping Track of Your Current Customer Relationships?

Mar 31, 2021 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

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Keeping track of your current customers may seem easy, and more of an “inside sales team’s” responsibility.  The truth is, it is not as easy as it appears.  As a sales contract moves through an organization, it can pass through many departments.  These departments may include sales, customer service, research and development, quality control, accounts payable, executive teams etc…  There are CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) tools out there to keep track of the various back-and-forth to help power the process through to the end.  Once the deal is signed and done, sales teams usually move on to the next prospect, and the process repeats itself.

However, sales is about relationships.


At the Point of Contact Level

Maintaining a rapport with clients is the key to a successful sales relationship and important to keep your company brand “front of mind”.  So…What happens when you have too many clients, or you get too busy, or your contacts at these companies move to another organization?

In reality, every person you are in contact with at a company during a sales process, you should be keeping track of long after the signature reaches the paper.  Any of these professionals could move onto to another organization, and there is nothing more powerful than having a “hero” already in a new organization that knows about your technology/solutions/services.  Its a foot in the door, and a path to a smoother sale.


So how can you do this?


Lead411 has Trackstar, which is a feature that allows you to connect your CRM contacts to our data intelligence platform (or upload a list of contacts), so you are the first to know when one of your POC’s has moved to another organization, or if they have been promoted to another position.


At the Company Level

You should also be keeping track of company changes.  Changes that could affect your future sales in both positive and negative ways.  Companies go through ebb and flows.  These may be funding or revenue changes, IPOs, hiring plans, new location openings, etc.  If a company is hiring and your solution is seat-based, you could have a new opportunity to adjust your contract for their growth.  You may have a unique use-case where you want to keep track of new location openings, you need an automated platform to help keep track, so you can strike before your competitors do.  Lead411 News allows you to set up your own newsletter to show you information from your current clients, competitors or any companies you want to track, and will be emailed daily.


The bottom line is Track, Track, Track – its easy to do and available with Lead411 Enterprise, because you get notifications on these changes so you can focus on new sales and opportunities until new changes happen with your existing customers.

If you are interested in learning more, get a personal product tour of Lead411 Enterprise Today.



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