Buyer Intent Best Practices: How to Build a Successful Buyer Intent Process

Feb 26, 2023 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

buyer intent best practices

You know buyer intent is important.  Successful companies are using it, and you want in.  So what are the first steps to get the most out of buyer intent data?  This brief overview will outline the best practices, tips and tricks to get the most out of your buyer intent data so you can join and successfully leverage this powerful marketing/sales tool.

Start Simple

It is easy to get overwhelmed at first with the thousands of topics available to choose from within the buyer intent platform.  While it’s great to pick topics that you know are relevant to your business, it’s best to take your time at first.  Truly think about your customer and their journey.  What are they interested in?  What questions do they ask on demos?  What are their main pain points?  The more you know about your existing customers, the easier this first step will be.  

Start with at least 5 of these topics, see what data you get back and work your way up from there.

*Pro Tip – Don’t forget to include your competitors in your topics list,  if they are looking for your competitors, you know they are in the market and you can get in front of them before any final decisions are made.

 Separate your Buyer Intent Efforts

It is easy to dive into your Buyer Intent Data and quickly add it to existing campaigns and efforts.  We recommend separating these efforts into their own campaigns so you can track the differences in interest.  Remember, these company targets are actively looking for solutions/services and so the ideal goal is to get your communication to align perfectly with their buying cycle.  It’s okay to say “i’ve been researching your company and noticed that you are actively looking for x solutions”.  It may sound like you are a creepy stalker but the bottom line is that you are just doing your due diligence and keeping track of your prospects because you have an active interest in doing business with them.

Find the Right Decision Maker

Again, this goes back into knowing your buyer persona but finding the right decision maker is an important step toward reducing your time needed to engage.  Lead411 has the decision maker data, but you still need to find it.  Know what titles and which level (C-Level, VP, Director, Manager) you need to target.  There may be multiple employees that fit this criteria but that is okay.  Just make sure you know from your existing customers, who you talked to and what their titles are to make it easier on your process.

 Pick more Specific Topics

With Lead411/Bombora – you can pick up to 25 topics.  You can turn on and off these specific topics, but once they are picked, they are set in stone so choose wisely.  As a best practice, pick relevant topics that you know are specific to your business.  Pick existing competitors if they are listed in the topic options.  It may be relevant to pick certain technologies if you know your business only works with companies that utilize those technologies.  Cluster your topics so you can group them into manageable filters.i.e. (product, brand, competitors, technologies etc..)

*Pro TIp – If your own company is in the topics list, it’s a good idea to include it in your selection

As with any new service, it takes time to get it right.  These tips will guide your efforts to sustain a foundation for engaging campaigns.  If you don’t get results immediately, it’s okay.  Marketing to these types of companies still takes time and effort to build interest, but you already know the interest is there, so you have a leg up on the competition and can build a better approach toward gaining the sale.  Make sure you track your efforts closely and make small adjustments as needed.   

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