You Can Sell With a Strategy and Still Have Fun

Sep 20, 2018 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

You Can Sell With a Strategy and Still Have Fun

The world of sales is full of obstacles and competition. Dealing with potential customers is like a delicate dance, one wrong step and the performance can be ruined. There are ways to move your product or service while keeping this ‘dance’ elegant and in-step.

Don’t lead with a pitch.

You almost have to put what you’re selling out of your mind. Start the conversation by finding out what the customer is looking for. As Meghan Casserly at Forbes, points out in her article, clients are looking for help. Identifying what they want or need, is the first step in making the sale. In fact, if you can put them in a position of necessity your product will sell itself. The client will actually see you as kind of savior instead of a salesman. This can boost your profits and create strong customer relationships in a fundamental way.

You can actually turn this tactic of ‘identifying what the customer wants,’ into a search for what is often referred to as the hot button or pain point. These are also touched on in the Forbes article. These are the various reasons people have for buying the same thing. Using open ended questions in a strategic way can lead to the exposure of these pain points. All successful salespeople will have a strategy to accomplish this.

Another great method for getting a “yes” answer when selling, is to make sure you’re not overwhelming the customer with a plethora of choices. As they mention in an article written for, you want to stay away from “what to buy” options if at all possible. Oftentimes, potential customers get flustered when asked which product or service they would like to buy. This results in a “NO” answer, rather than having to make the choice. You can avoid this by focusing on one item at a time, or by cleverly packaging multiple items or services into a package deal. This way, they are again given the “yes” or “no” option rather than a “which one.” Using this tactic is a great way to get those sales percentages up.

Once you get your “yes,” consider a follow up sale. As they point out later in the BKH article, once a customer has shown to be receptive to your sales tactics and given you that much coveted “yes,” they are now like an open conduit to future sales. Be subtle, but don’t let them off the hook. These follow ups can be a simple additional sale. If you don’t have additional products or services to sell, GET them. It is worth the time and effort to find associated material to compliment your initial sales.

Know your product and have fun. The best, most effective sales, are the products or services you really like and enjoy yourself. Try them out and get to know how they work. You can then answer customer questions with ease and convey a true enthusiasm about whatever you’re trying to sell.

Using the above tips can result in an improved selling experience for both small and large businesses in the sales industry. Don’t be afraid to try new things. However at the same time, sticking to known tactics is a safe way to expand that profit margin and increase your customer base.

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