Do you Listen to your Customers, We Do… Lead411 in 2020

May 14, 2020 | Blog, News

Do you Listen to your Customers, We Do… Lead411 in 2020

Lead411 has a habit of listening to our customers. We ask to hear from our customers frequently because we want to make sure we are providing the solutions/services that will help them be successful.  A couple of weeks ago we sent out a customer survey to see what is most important to them. Here are the results, and here is what we will be working on in the future.

It is really no secret that our customers expect the highest quality data, and want more of it. Our focus every year is to add more verified data, and this year will be no different. The top three responses to our survey address the need for more verified emails, more office direct dials and that our data is updated more frequently.

This year so far, we have added:

  • 1.2M New Direct Dials
  • 2.6M New Verified Emails
  • 5.3M Re-Verified Contacts

Our goal this year is to continue to add data and re-verify data at a continued steady pace. Our data will be re-verified every 3 months moving forward so that we maintain the most accurate data possible.

What’s Next…

In addition to more accurate data, we will be focusing on intent data and lead scoring this year.  Our goal is to provide our customers a visual representation of which prospects are in a buying cycle, or more likely to be responsive toward new solutions and services.  We have seen that companies that have certain growth triggers like recent funding and hiring trends in certain departments like sales and development are more likely to be open to new conversations from our customers.

Lastly, our outreach solution “Reach” has been gaining adoption as our customers look for an all encompassing solution to solve the early pipeline stages from cold prospect to qualified lead.  We plan to continue to listen to our customers about Reach and it’s features to make it a simple and easy add-on to our already feature-rich subscription packages.  SDR’s are enjoying the ability to reach out directly from our platform without exporting to an external CRM or third-party email platform.  This feature was suggested by a few customers last year and we developed it with SDR’s in mind.

If your not already a Lead411 customer and would like to check out a demo of the Lead411 platform, we make it easy – just sign up here on our Demo calendar.

If you would like to check out a demo of our Reach Sales Automation feature – just sign up here on our Reach Demo calendar.


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