You have efficiently and effectively filled the sales funnel with fresh leads by gaining insights and improving opportunities, movement and action using tips from references such as this one from Tellwise. You have a process to quickly engage your customers and your sales reps are in the field making contact with new and old leads, but before these leads reach the end of the pipeline, the flow steadily slows until only a few of those leads trickle out and turn into real sales. The problem is not related to clogs, as you have already reviewed the process and removed any roadblocks using tips from articles such as this one in Forbes. You know your salespeople are not wasting their time on unproductive leads and they follow-up with customers and for those that will buy, they help them move along and close the deal. The problem is those customers who just disappear and leak out of the pipeline not heard from again.

What are some steps you can take to plug the leaks and keep these customers coming back?

  • Make sure you are staying up on current leads and avoid letting leads age. Having leads delivered to your inbox every day. Know what companies in your area are ready to make a move. Assign and prioritize the leads, then set reminders to follow-up regularly. If you don’t forget about them, they will not forget about you.
  • Quickly contact provided leads. Harvard Business Review reports that firms that make initial contact after receiving a lead within one hour were seven times more likely to get the sale, than those who waited after receiving the lead. Assess at this point if this will be a productive lead and allow your sales team to make that decision with the understanding they will own those leads they qualify.
  • Keep in contact. Make the process simple for the customer to follow through and decide to go with you. You have removed the hurdles for your sales team, now is the time to remove the hurdles for your customer. Invite your clients, current and future, to events. Invite them to engage with you over social media. Share information with them that is relevant and assists their decision-making process.

At Lead411, we want to help fill your sales funnel with current, qualified leads so your sales team can work around the clogs and plug the leaks.