Growth Intent and Lead Scoring Combined give Sales Teams a Huge Advantage

Mar 5, 2023 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

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It’s no mystery that leads need to be nurtured through the sales funnel in order to keep them warm and moving forward.  Colder leads need more time, as the intent of the relationship needs to be realized and formulated on both sides before a qualification can be determined.  

But what if you could skip the cold, qualify companies and leads faster and spend more time closing? 

Well it’s a great concept, and a goal for millions of sales leaders and their sales teams, but few have been able to solve this through process or technology.  

Over the past few years, company behavioral data or “growth intent” has been on the rise, as sales teams desire new technology to get qualified leads to respond positively to outreach.  This technology involves tracking companies on the move, combining information about company growth (both at the employee level as well as an overall organizational level) and formulating all this data in a way that is consumable and usable to a sales team.  The key here is the word usable, as some of this intent technology is great in theory, but when sales teams go to integrate intent data, it falls flat, as the delivery method is usually that of raw data, left for the sales team to figure out how to interpret and implement it. 

Lead Scoring has been around longer than intent data, and just like intent data, there are variations of lead scoring, depending on technology and processes. The process of assigning points to leads based on actions to determine when the prospect is considered warm, is a valuable sales tool and usually improves engagement rates.  It is safe to say that sales has always used some form of a lead scoring methodology to determine higher qualified leads in efforts to shorten sales cycles and eliminate wasted time on colder leads. Usually time is the deciding factor on lead scoring, as a warmer lead with a better score takes less time to close.  

So all factors considered, growth intent and lead scoring respectively are valuable tools that should reduce sales cycle time and improve engagement rates, but what if technology could combine them together in a way that supercharged the sales process and accelerated sales cycles?  Well the technology does exist with Lead411, and we have developed our growth intent into a filterable and easily consumable lead scoring system that customers can utilize immediately.

We already provide growth intent, which we provide as growth triggers.  These companies are on a growth path now, and we know this through the tracking of key data points including content (Press releases, job postings, announcements and awards), revenue data (increases, IPO and funding information), employee promotion data, new locations and more.  These tracked data points can be filtered out separately and provide extremely valuable insights for our customers when filtered out utilizing ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) data like (industry, technologies used, location, titles, and more).  

Learn about all types of intent data and how to differentiate them

Lead411 now offers Lead Scoring.  Our lead scoring system is designed with opportunity windows in mind, meaning we have researched the best times for people to reach out based on each individual growth indicator.  


For example, Acme Inc is a 110 employee company that just received funding.  Through A.I. and research, our algorithm indicates that most companies of this size begin spending that funding within the first 6 months.  This means that Acme gets a weighted lead score and if companies within this size are in your desired filter, you will see this lead score on Acme Inc at the top of your results.  Now, taken a step further, Acme Inc currently has 15 job postings.  Now this lead score goes up even more, because companies with job postings of 15 within this size of company are on a faster growth path and need to be indicated to our customers as such.  Additional data indicates Acme Inc is opening a new location, and has added 20 new employees in the last year.  Our lead scoring indicates this as an even higher score and shows these results to you and your sales team as the absolute hottest leads in our system.  


The level of filtering, and growth indication is unmatched in the industry and instantly gives our customers an advantage.  

Lead411 plans to continue our research to fine tune and develop these opportunity windows and the science behind the data. Our current customers can sort by lead score and reach out to the hottest prospects at the top of the search every time, giving sales teams a huge boost toward qualification of prospects and companies within a desired ICP.

To Learn more about Lead Scoring, sign up for a personalized product tour where our sales team will walk you through the process of filtering out your ICP and show you the top companies you should be reaching out to today!

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