Marketing Personalization Trends for 2019

Jan 24, 2019 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

Marketing Personalization Trends for 2019

Know your ideal prospect.  It seems like a no-brainer to know as much as you can about your ideal prospect so you can not only continue a healthy business relationship, but also understand the segmentation that your sales and marketing efforts work most effectively with.  When it comes to prospecting, and formulating emails that resonate with your ideal segmentation, utilizing personalization can get you in the door (or an open in the inbox) faster than a bland mass email that shows no effort or value.

According to HubSpot, emails that are segmented, targeted and utilize personalization can increase sales up to 18x more than those messages without.  In 2019, the biggest trends will be around how to get creative with personalization, and how to utilize automation tools to save time doing so. Companies like and are utilizing information from press releases, social profiles, news articles and more to create unique personalization to insert into email messages in order to increase the interest and response from your potential clients.  It’s not perfect technology but it is a start toward finding unique information about potential prospects in order to start a conversation.

Lead411 will be launching an email cadence tool soon that will include the ability to add sales intelligence trigger data to personalize email messages in a similar way but will also encompass growth indicator cues, so customers can not only personalize an email to include interesting information and conversation starters, (like congratulations on your $15 Million in funding or I see you just started a job as the Director of Finance at Acme Inc.) but can position the message in a growth sensitive time window.  In other words, reach out at the right time, to the right contact with the right information.

Another, trend that is gaining ground is the ability to utilize a mix marketing approach by incorporating text messages within cadences (the ability to text message will be included in Lead411’s cadence tool), so additional sources of communication can be incorporated.  In a previous blog post, we mentioned how the average american checks their cell phones 46 times a day. According to Textus, their customers are seeing a 40% response rate in text messages. Most companies would take a 40% response rate all day!

Bottom line is that sales and marketing tactics will need to evolve and utilize these tools to stay competitive and in-front of potential clients in 2019.  The companies that utilize tools that can be intelligent about outreach, and save valuable sales time, will have higher growth margins this year.


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