The Power of Listening in Business

Apr 25, 2017 | Benefit, Blog

The Power of Listening in Business
The best sales people are those who listen, instead of dominating the conversation. You’ll discover the needs of your customer, dispel any concerns they have, and build a positive relationship that keeps people coming back to your company again and again. Ready to improve your sales with the simple act of listening? Here are a few tips to get your started.

Benefits of listening in business

Most customers buy because they have a need that your product fulfills. But pitching the product and going for the close as soon as possible leaves potential customers feeling pressured. Instead of doing all the talking, ask some good questions and listen to the answers. You’ll get these three amazing results.

Assess needs

  • Listening and asking questions gives you a fantastic opportunity to discover your customer’s needs. In fact, research from Sales Benchmark Index found that a sale attempt without taking time to discover needs is 73% less likely to close successfully. Learning the customer’s needs helps you sell them a product that fits their needs perfectly.

Dispel concerns

  • Taking the time to ask questions creates a clear picture of customer concerns. Addressing those concerns after listening shows the customer you care about them, and lets you dispel those concerns before the customer walks away.

Build a relationship

  • When clients feel like you really listened to them, a relationship forms. Clients who are happy with their sales representative are likely to recommend your business to friends and return for more items in the future.

Where do I start?

Ready to start listening? First, take a look in the mirror. Assess your sales technique and figure out how you can turn your statements into questions. Ask yourself how you’ll learn about your customer’s needs, and put your plan into action. Don’t let your sales drop because you’re not listening. Build a better business today by asking questions, listening to your customer’s needs, and getting them exactly what they want. Lead411 provides insight so you can be informed with the right conversation topics. It may be a recent funding, a new technology adoption or a new executive hire. Whatever the sales trigger, we have the platform to get you selling smarter to prospects that are open to a conversation.


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