After creating our list of Top Sales Influencers many people asked for a list of the Top Influencers based on engagement. They weren’t super concerned about the number of connections or the growth of followers. They wanted to know whose content was engaged with the most.

We(Lead411) agreed. We also wanted to know which content really stood out for the Sales Community. Like, what insights really resonated with SDRs and Sales Leaders? Also we were interested in learning which kind of content does well on Linkedin.

That being said we just created a list of the Top Posts from the Top Sales Influencers for the past 30 days. The list below contains the Influencer’s top post, the # of likes of that post, and their follower growth in the past month.

How was this list compiled?

  • We looked all the posts from all the Top Sales Influencers and took their Top Post in terms of likes.
  • We removed any NON-Sales posts that were personal, based on finding a job, hiring, etc.
  • We then removed any posts that had less than 250 likes.