Marketing Tips

  • Simple Ways to Increase your Email Open Rate

    by Jeremy Unruh | April 30, 2021

    If you are using email as part of your marketing mix, your open rate is important to your success. If you are not getting the results you hoped for, there are several areas to evaluate:

    • Unqualified subscribers: A bad list of un-verified emails can significantly lower your open rate. A qualified and verified list of subscribers is more likely to open and engage with your email.


    • Not segmenting/improperly segmenting your list: Don’t send a blanket email to everyone on your list. This limits engagement. Experian recently conducted an email market study that found that emails with a personalized subject line were 26% more likely to be opened. The study also found that click-through rates were 14% higher in personalized promotional emails.  Know your audience and form your message around what interests they have.  This is also a good opportunity to personalize your subject line.  Ex. “Marketing Pros in the SaaS industry should check this out” – if I know I have a list of marketers in the saas industry, I can formulate my subject line to show I did my research.


    • Inactive subscribers: If you have a good number of inactive subscribers, this will lower your open rate significantly. Be sure to clean lists and remove email addresses when you see the contact is no longer at the company or the email bounces. Cleaning out inactive subscribers can also save a significant amount of money and valuable resources.


    • Boring content: If your email looks to be boring, especially if it has a boring subject line, don’t be surprised if your open rates are low.  Subject lines that are intriguing, spark interest, ask questions, or invoke humor are going to improve your open rates more than the same old boring lines.  Take a look at your own behavior on this one, look at the emails you open and try to understand what made you click the email.

    Increasing your email open rate begins by finding qualified leads and then crafting targeted messages to convert those leads. Don’t continue to waste time and valuable resources.

  • 3 Tips For Building The Perfect Post-Subscribe Email Autoresponder

    by Jeremy Unruh | February 15, 2017

    Building the perfect post-subscribe email autoresponder is a step many businesses often overlook when it comes to lead conversion. Email autoresponses are almost an afterthought for many brands, mainly because they forget the power it could potentially wield to turn a browsing prospect into a loyal customer.

    However, following some easy tips when it comes to building the perfect post-subscribe email autoresponder will help turn that around, and ensure that prospects are able to become customers with ease.

    1) Offer valuable content without wasting time

    Many customers lament about the arduous process of subscribing to emails, with many giving up right away if they spend too much time trying to access content. Businesses are able to make the actual process of subscription easier in the moment, but overlook how to keep the efficiency after the customer has given their email address.

    The autoresponse following subscription should offer prospective customers an easy way to access valuable content, while making it easy and fast. Avoid creating confirmation pages, asking detailed personal information and multiple steps all in one fell swoop. Instead, give customers the options and tools to provide this information at a later time for a more customized experience in the autoresponse and use the latter to engage customers within your brand.

    2) Establish trust with your tone of voice

    A well-crafted autoresponse is able to differentiate your brand from the rest among your customer base. Use the autoresponse as one of the first points of contact with your prospective leads, and leverage that to build trust and a relationship. Instead of opting for usual robotic language within the response, craft a message that will resonate with audiences and cement your place in their mind.

    Most people are easily able to differentiate a personal email from an automatic one, and creating a message that conveys that your brand cares about individuals is a fast and creative way to demonstrate your brand personality.

    3) Don’t send an infinite amount of content

    For many businesses, the temptation of having subscribers to send content to is strong. Resist that urge, starting from the autoresponse. Do not clog inboxes, or use email addresses to send staggering amounts of content that do not hold value for the customer. Give them what they want while using the autoresponse as the starting point.

    Often brands use the autoresponder to push content from the start, scaring customers off. Doing so conditions customers to become freeloaders in some ways, as they will ignore sales offers because of all the useless content they may have received in the past.


  • B2B Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays

    by Jeremy Unruh | November 16, 2016

    While the holiday season is boom or bust for retailers, B2B email marketing requires some extra thought ensuring that the season remains strong and leads do not cool while customers focus their efforts elsewhere. Steve Denner wraps up a few tips in his article “4 tips you cannot ignore this holiday season” to help keep your email marketing campaign focused and in front of your business partners.

    Beware of spam

    As businesses and retailers turn up the heat to boost sales, email inboxes stuffed full of goodies, may often go unread. As receivers become overwhelmed, rather than read every email they may spend their time unsubscribing and reporting emails as spam. Apply strategy to your holiday email campaigns ensuring the topics are clearly stated, emails on point and provide something of value to the reader.

    Dress it up or not?

    For some businesses and retailers, adding holiday colors, flashing lights and falling snow is the key to getting their emails to stand out in the reader’s inbox. For B2B emails, however, low-key is frequently more impactful than flash and glitter. It is okay to add a little cheer, but keep it subtle.

    Keep prospects warm

    If your business is one with a longer sales cycle or subject to constraints of budget cycles, you will want to keep your prospect interested and intrigued throughout a holiday slowdown for their business. Many businesses who are not directly marketing to consumers may settle in for a long winter break. Be attentive to their schedules, paying attention to their needs and answering those needs with targeted reminders and communications that keep your company in the forefront.

    What is your schedule?

    In today’s global economy, your customers may not celebrate the same ways and the same days. If you plan to close your doors for a day or more, communicate your schedule plans early and often. Likewise, if you will be open without a change to hours, let your customers know. Sometimes no surprise is the best surprise.