Lead 411 Product Update: We have quadrupled our Database!

In the past few months our team has been working so hard to improve our data and features for you.

Grown by 4X!
You now have 4x as many contacts at your disposal… 14M contacts total. We expect that to double to 28M contacts and 2M companies by Summer 2015.

Email Deliverability
We have also just partnered with BriteVerify in order to improve email bounces. We expect to get our bounce percentage below 10% within the month.

CRM/SaaS Integrations
We have integrated with SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zoho, Toutapp and Insightly. You will see this export button around the site.


Which tools do you use? Which CRM or SaaS tool do you want us to integrate with?

Lead411 Study: Increase sales by 86.41%

Before Lead411 I co-founded an IT recruiting firm based in California called BlueChip Resources.   My primary task was to find tech companies to use our recruiting and staffing solutions.  After prospecting a few months I noticed a pattern with the companies that signed with us VS. the ones that didn’t. 80-90% of the companies who needed our services were really booming… they had raised VC financing, opened a new office, hired a new CTO, etc.  Of course, I changed my process and only pitched to these hot companies.  This made my close ratio go up about 200% to 400%. This is how Lead411 was created.  I knew that this was a method that everyone should use.  It makes sense if you think about.  If a company is flat or going downhill they normally tighten their purse strings.  The opposite is true for a fast growing company.

We recently sent a survey out to our customers to find out the ROI they get from targeting companies using our news events.  Here are the results.


To join Lead411 please go to our signup page.

Study: Save 1.5 hours a day

You want more time during your day… So do we! If you are a sales pro and any professional that is in charge of getting new customers we know that you spend A LOT of time researching prospects, finding contacts, deciphering email formats, etc. But how much time do you really spend on sales research? We decided to do a survey of our current clients to find out how much time they currently spend on sales research and how much time they previously used to spend before joining Lead411. Here are the findings…

#1. On Average our customers USED to spend 2 hours & 56 minutes a day on sales research.


#2. On Average our customers NOW spend 1 hour 19 minutes a day on sales research.


So, on average, each one of our customers saves over 1.5 hours each day on sales research. While that is definitely a strong amount of time savings our goal @ Lead411 is to make YOUR research time even shorter. The new data/features coming over the next few months should really help. In addition, please make any data and feature requests when you can.

To join Lead411 please go to our signup page.

Dreamforce Cheatsheet for Sales Pros

dreamforce_banner_1200x300 (1)


Attire: Business casual – Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

Weather: San Francisco 10-Day – It’s usually awesome in October.

Getting Around: Dreamforce Travel MapUberLyft

Dreamforce App: iTunesGoogle Play

Business Card Scanner Apps: EvernoteFullContactCamCard

Best Parties for Sales People (Full List of Parties)

Dreamforce Welcome Reception
Mon 6:00 PM
Moscone North (map)

Mon 6:30 – 9:30
ThirstyBear Brewing ( map )

Dreamforce SMB Party (RSVP)
Mon 8:00 PM
Jones Bar (map)

InsideView (RSVP)
Mon 9:00 PM
Novela SF (map)

Dreamforce w/Bruno Mars
Tues 6:30 PM
Civic Center (map)

Yesware ( RSVP )
Wed 7:00 PM
The Box SF (map)

Live Coverage from the Pros

Follow this list I created of all the top Sales Influencers… includes @benioff, @jillkonrath, @iannarino, @sales4_startups, etc. – Full member list here.

List of “I Must Go” Sessions

MegaTrends: Shaping the Future of Sales: McKinsey
McKinseyMonday, 10:00 AM – 10:40 AM
San Francisco Marriott Marquis – Yerba Buena Salon – 7 ( map )
Join us to learn what significant trends are impacting sales organizations today, how companies are taking advantage of the trends to drive efficiencies, and to gain competitive advantages. Hear from McKinsey thought leaders, Hugo Sarrazin and Lareina Yee on the latest insights on sales transformation trends, best practices, and greatest growth opportunities.

Predictable Revenue: How To Crush Your Sales Goals
aaron-rossMonday, 1:30 – 2:10 PM
The Westin St. Francis San Francisco ( map )
Aaron Ross, a former Sales Director at salesforce.com, helps companies speed up revenue growth and get off the revenue rollercoaster. There are lots of nice ideas that can help you improve sales by 30% – but join us to learn about what “big, few, best” ideas can make a 300% difference…(although many executives will hate one of them). Aaron is the author of the #1 best-seller Predictable Revenue.

5 Strategies Sales Leaders Use for Results
Hunter-RowleyMonday, 2:00 PM – 2:40 PM
San Francisco Marriott Marquis – Yerba Buena 7 ( map )
Join Mark Hunter – The Sales Hunter & Jill Rowley, Chief #SocialSelling Evangelist, as they share how successful organizations develop key sales strategies that eliminate missed targets. Chief Sales Officers and sales leaders focus on 5 primary targets that drive them to hitting revenue goals — driving objectives, growing the pipeline, realistic forecasts, sales team effectiveness and emerging of social in building strong customer relationships.

Inside Sales and Social Selling for Extreme Results
krogueMonday, 3:30 – 4:10 PM
The Westin St. Francis San Francisco
( map ) InsideSales.com was just ranked #1 in the world for their Social Selling Index in the Top 500 Growth Companies by Deloitte. Join Ken Krogue, author of the #1 Inside Sales blog and recently ranked #2 in Social Selling by Forbes and Huffington Post, as he discusses the convergence of inside sales and social selling. Discover the research, tips, and best practices his company is pioneering and observing in the top sales forces in the US and globally.

5 Strategies to Make You More Productive: Lori Richardson, Score More Sales
lori-ambroseTuesday, 9:00 AM – 9:40 AM
San Francisco Marriott Marquis – Nob Hill A,B,C,D ( map )
Need more time? Ever lose a sale or customer due to poor follow up? Do you find it challenging to manage and prioritize all of your tasks? Wish you had more ‘face time’ with prospects, customers, and your sales team, and less ‘desk time’ playing catch up? In this fast paced interactive session, learn the top five strategies guaranteed to reduce the stress that results from poor planning and start generating meaningful, long lasting results every day.

Social Selling: A Live Conversation with Jill Rowley and Koka Sexton
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.07.27 PMTuesday, 4:00 PM – 4:40 PM
San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena – Salon 4,5,6 ( map )
Your sales team is on the brink of EXTINCTION. They’re being replaced by search engines and social networks. It’s time to adapt or be replaced. B2B buyers are anywhere between 57%-70% through the buying process prior to engaging with sales. Your buyers are having a learning party without you. Meet the Modern Buyer. They are digitally-driven, socially connected, mobile, and empowered with unlimited access to information and people. Is your sales team prepared?

#1 Competitive Edge in Today’s Sales World: Jill Konrath & Panel
konrath-etcWednesday, 9:00 AM – 9:40 AM
San Francisco Marriott Marquis – Yerba Buena – Salon 7 ( map )
With today’s escalating buyer expectations and ever-changing business environment, it’s tough to stay at the top of your game. Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling and SNAP Selling, kicks off the session with a focus on the singular skill that virtually guarantees a successful career. The conversation continues as a panel of leading female sales experts (Josiane Feigon, Joanne Black, Trish Bertuzzi, and Debra Walton) share fresh strategies you can leverage to develop individual and team mastery.

5 Mission-Critical Requirements to Establishing Value & Increasing Revenue
Ian-HunterWednesday, 11:30 AM – 12:10 PM
Palace Hotel – Ralston Ballroom ( map )
High-profile sales influencers Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, and Anthony Iannarino, The Sales Blog, (both Salesforce sales expert bloggers) will present on the five mission-critical requirements in today’s complex, commoditized world of selling, focusing on defining value that is differentiating, which allows your prospects to fully recognize the outcomes you’ll deliver, and capturing the maximum amount of revenue and profit in a overly price-sensitive economy.

Triple Your Revenue with a Dedicated Sales Development Team
All-4Wednesday, 2:00 PM – 2:40 PM
Palace Hotel – Grand Ballroom – Rose ( map )
Join moderator Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, and panelists Trish Bertuzzi, Craig Rosenberg (co-founder at TOPO and The Funnelholic), and John Barrows (JBarrows Sales Training) for a lively discussion about sales development. These panelists and moderators have worked with hundreds of companies as they implement specialized prospecting (sales development) teams.

Want More Dreamforce Content?

Check out InsightSquared’s Dreamforce Sales Hub.

Lead411 nominated for “Influencer” Award!!!

Vote-120x240-aSo someone nominated us for the “Small Business Influencer Awards” on SmallBizTrends.com. Whoever did that… we want to say “thank you”! We are very honored as some great companies have been nominated/won in the past. Last year companies like Hubspot, HootSuite, Paychex and Constant Contact were nominated and won. Unfortunately we just found out about our nomination over the weekend so we are playing catchup. We missed a full week of votes.

Anyway, we need your help. Can you click on the badge to your left or the link below to vote for us?

Vote @ http://influencers.smallbiztrends.com/corporations-2014/lead411-2/

Sales & Marketing Content that Doesn’t Suck

“According to a 2011 study, on a typical day, we(Americans) take in the equivalent of about 174 newspapers’ worth of information, five times as much as we did in 1986.” Source: New York Times

That statistic makes me tired just looking at it. The real downside of the content marketing explosion is all of the noise. It can be a real time sink. For example, look at this post – “50 Marketing Blogs You Should Read Every Day” – What?


To combat the info overload it is important for you to narrow down your reading to only the best content. The people & blogs you follow should not only be well-informed, but they should also be thoughtful posters. People that tweet too much or have too many self-serving posts can be a real time sink. Here is a list of Sales & Marketing pros that provide quality content that is not exhausting.

Rand Fishkinrand fishkin faceCEO @ Moz
If you haven’t heard of this guy you must be new to marketing. I saw him speak for the first time at SMX in 2008 I think. Articulate, well-read and understands the value of quality over quantity. I pretty much read anything the guy writes or posts.

Ken Krogueken-krogueCEO @ InsideSales
Ken is a great guy to follow. His sales-focused SaaS company is exploding. He seems to post about 2 times a day and they are usually interesting. Topics include Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

KissMetrics Blogkissmetrics logo@KissMetrics
I follow @neilpatel and @hitenshah as well as @kissmetrics, but I pay more attention to the KissMetrics tweets as everything they produce is more relevant to me. I mostly like their conversion and SEO content. Lead411 is also a customer of theirs. It has been great tool for us.

Sales4StartupsSales 4 Startupshttp://sales4startups.org
This is a great resource to find out more about other sales startups and tools. I recommend just signing up for their newsletter to get their new posts over using their twitter feed.

Danny BrownDanny Brown Author/Blogger
I just came across Danny recently and really enjoy him… Everything is well thought out and focused. This is probably the highest quality content you will read. I wouldn’t just follow him on Twitter though – I would also signup for his RSS feed so you don’t miss any of his posts – dannybrown.me

Jill Konrath jill konrtathSales Author
I follow Jill as she is probably the most social Sales personality out there. I haven’t read any of her books, but she is a good person to follow to know what is happening in the sales world.

Unbounce Blogunbounce logo http://unbounce.com/blog/
I don’t follow @unbounce on twitter. I just subscribe to their blog. Their posts focus on their niche which is conversion optimization and a/b testing.

Kendra Leekendra leeCEO @ KLA Group
Not as well known as Jill Konrath and Jeffrey Gitomer, but she produces some excellent sales and lead generation content. She is probably less well known because she is busy running her lead generation firm KLA Group.

MarketingProfsmarketingprofs logo@marketingprofs
I love statistics. While reading a specific story on how a company was able to grow their business is interesting to me, knowing what works for a lot of businesses is even better. I use MarketingProfs to see which tactics are working and which ones aren’t.

B2B Lead RoundtableB2B-Lead-Bloghttp://b2bleadblog.com
This B2B lead blog is heavy on statistics similar to MarketingProfs. I read everything they send out. I also follow @brianjcarroll.

If you have some other people/sources you feel produce great sales/marketing content feel free to add them in the comments area.

B2B Email Lists Buy Guide

Are you looking to buy a b2b email list for sales & marketing, but want to make sure you receive high quality data? When I first founded Lead411 I could count on my hand which companies sold b2b email lists. Not opt-in lists, but actually had lists for sale. Now, on average I get 5-10 emails a month from some broker stating they sell business email lists. I would say that 95-100% of these offers are scams… but recently I have noticed some of these providers in the top 10 in Google for the phrase “b2b email lists”. Which is scary! This guide will give you some best practices on what to be wary of when purchasing and will give you a list of some reputable providers.

Best Practices for Buying Email Lists

Quality Email Lists Are Not Cheap

I have been in this business for over 10 years. Data is never perfect. Good data is extremely HARD to keep accurate and clean. For example, Linkedin is a high quality data provider correct? You would be amazed at how many people named “Pat McGroin” and “Ivanka Tinkle” have profiles on Linkedin. So even Linkedin has tons of bad data. It is incredibly hard and expensive to keep data clean. Any email list provider that works really hard to keep their data clean isn’t going to give it away for pennies.


Get A Random Sample w/your List Quote

When you get your list quote, insist that you get a random sample… as big as you can get. Most companies or their sales staff will try to send you the records they most recently updated. You want a complete random sample so that you can really check the accuracy.

Verify Your Sample List Quality

After you get the sample, test it all. Call the phone numbers to see if the person does exist at the company and that the phone # is correct. Email testing is harder because you cannot 100% verify an email address. From our own email marketing and testing we have noticed that 50% of business email servers are catchall servers meaning that if you sent an email like gozzsd.asdof@microsoft.com you would NOT get a bounce-back. For these catchall servers it is hard to decipher the accurate email. You can use tools like Mailtester.com or Cobisi.com to verify emails from non-catchall servers, but for the rest I would suggest searching bing or google for the domain to see if the email pattern looks remotely correct. E.G. Type this into bing +*@insidesales.com.

Insist on a Guarantee

Whenever we sell individual lists we always offer a guarantee. So if an email bounces then the person gets a replacement record. It is a great system because we get our emails tested automatically. Any email list provider that does not do this doesn’t really care about their data accuracy.

How do they Verify their Email Database?

Where do they get their data from? More importantly, where do they get their emails from? Crowdsourcing, some sort of technology, both? Other data providers?


Some Reputable B2B Email List Providers

Pricing: N/A
D&B has been around since 1841. 160+ years before “big data” became a popular term D&B was collecting information about businesses. In 2003, Hoovers was acquired by D&B and somewhere around that time Hoovers started offering business email database with their company contacts. I am not quite sure of the pricing of their email lists as there is nothing on the site that mentions their exact costs. Hoovers acquires their data from numerous data sources as we have discussed selling our data to DNB in the past, however we never went through with it.

Pricing: Subscriptions start @ $60/month
ZoomInfo is another well-known provider of business email lists and addresses. Previously named Eliyon Technologies, the company has been collecting business and people data for over 15 years using scraping/crawling technology. I am not positive where their email address data comes from as I don’t believe it is from their crawlers, but for the most part it is a reputable source. ZoomInfo offers numerous products but their primary solution is their subscriptions.

Pricing: Subscriptions start @ $125/Month
Email Lists @ $0.50 – $1.00 per record
Jigsaw.com was acquired by Salesforce and later they changed the name to Data.com. Data.com uses crowdsourcing to collect contacts, business email addresses, phone numbers, etc. If you are willing to upload your own list you can get another list in return. Data.com sells email lists as well as offers a monthly subscription.

Pricing: Subscriptions start @ $99/Month
I have never used InsideView’s data, but from what I can tell it seems better than others I have seen. Like us, they don’t believe that data can be verified using one type of solution. InsideView does not sell individual lists but they have different options for the size of company you are.

Pricing Page
Our customers don’t have time to waste on bad data and they want access to Unlimited Email Lists. We strongly believe that a multi-pronged approach to data collection is the best way to get accurate data…. Crowdsourcing + Technology + An Internal Research Team. Here is a recent research report from G2Crowd where we were named one of the “Top Performers.”

Sales Intel LIsts

If you have any suggestions or recommendations of other b2b email list providers please use the comments section below.

Lead411 introduces Unlimited Salesforce Sync

salesforce upload
We just added an awesome new feature for Salesforce users. Now you can easily push any Lead411 contact directly to your Salesforce CRM. You will find this button all over the site… within company profiles, people profiles and within your prospect lists.

For the time being we are making this feature unlimited for all SB/Enterprise customers. Yes, unlimited. This may change in the future, but for now we are testing out demand. Enjoy!!

Lead411 Named Top Performer in Sales Intelligence

G2 Crowd Spring 2014 High Performer Award

Lead411 was named a “Top Performer” by G2Crowd in its recently published Sales Intelligence report. The report compares aspects of Sales Intelligence products to help users select the best product, get the best deals, and set realistic budgets.

We were ranked above our direct competitors, which include companies like InsideView, ZoomInfo, Hoovers and Data.com. Our satisfaction score was rated by users at 74, which was the 4th highest overall, and considerably higher than those of our competitors (whose scores were below 45).

Sales_Intelligence_Scores_Large (1)

BuiltWith launches Datanyze competitor

Builtwith has sort of been the industry standard for providing data about websites and their technologies. The Australian company has been around since 2007 according to Crunchbase. They consistently crawl the web to see which companies and websites use specific technologies. For example, you might want to know which companies use Marketo or Hubspot.

Recently, Datanyze launched. They focused not just on crawling the www for technologies, but crawling them every single day. This is helpful for sales people because you can find out which companies are testing out your competitors’ products and then offer your services as well. For example, let’s say you are a lesser known marketing automation SaaS like LoopFuse. Wouldn’t it be interesting for you to see which companies are testing out the Marketo solution?

Today, Builtwith launched their version of this solution with the featured called “Builtwith Alerts” – You can see more information . We recently added a new feature to our Enterprise solution that allows users to select specific technologies when creating/exporting our company and people lists. So you not only get to find out which websites are using what, but you also get to download specific executives.