Shorten Your Sales Cycle With Sales Triggers

Jul 9, 2018 | Blog, Sales and Marketing

Shorten your Sales Cycle with Sales Triggers
In today’s sales world, we are surrounded by time savers. Data is at our fingertips 24/7; we can share files with co-workers, have a video conference call with 12 people in 3 different states, and shorten work-flows with real-time messaging. One aspect of sales that has been traditionally slow, however, is the sales cycle. Companies battle internally with deciding on the right decision to make. Should we add this software, do I trust that this will benefit the company, do we have the budget? It is an understandable dilemma, as no organization wants to make a bad decision, but for B2B sales professionals trying to pinpoint opportunities, it can be a nightmare trying to identify the right decision makers, and have the correct data to make a solid sales pitch at the right time.

In the past few years, the need for a better sales approach has emerged in the form of the sales trigger.

A sales trigger is any event, indication, or data point that can help identify the opportunity for change. Sales opportunities happen more frequently when companies are undergoing a change. Sales professionals can now use intelligent prospecting platforms (like Lead411 – shameless plug:) to filter and target prospects and organizations based on sales triggers such as; recent funding, hiring intent, newly hired executives, expansion plans, hiring plans and job openings, IPO’s and more. All of these digital data sources can help shorten the sales cycle just by knowing more information about your prospect.

Imagine “Brian” is at a party, and is approached by a stranger who says, “Hey are you Brian Smith? I just read about your new position as the Senior Vice President of Sales at Acme inc, that’s great news!” Already, Brian has his guard down, and is open to talk more about the company and his excitement with the new position, and (as all successful sales professionals know,) getting someone to talk about themselves is the first step to a successful sales relationship. The same can be done with B2B sales when you have the right data to make a warm introduction and get the conversation going. No one likes to hear a sales pitch immediately upon meeting someone. Sales Triggers are the data necessary to open the conversation and gain trust faster.

Shorten your Sales Cycle with Sales Triggers

Sales Triggers are a necessity today for sales teams and sales professionals alike. You will either find an opportunity faster, shorten the sales cycle and close the deal or find out there wasn’t an opportunity yet but build a relationship with potential business on the horizon. The most successful sales development professionals use sales triggers on a daily basis, as it is another time saving tool to help you find the right data, and open a dialogue at the right time with the right conversation.

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