Lead411: Updated Enterprise Level Features and Data Accuracy For Our Fast Growing Client Base

Sep 9, 2019 | Benefit, Big Data, Blog, News

Lead411: Updated Enterprise Level Features and Data Accuracy for our Fast Growing Client Base
In the data era, there are few companies that have encompassed a holistic approach toward customer needs for data accuracy, research, outreach, and integration.  Our goal at Lead411 is to be the most comprehensive data platform on the planet and we have done so through listening to our enterprise customer needs, creating innovative solutions and ensuring our data is as accurate as possible.  As we continue to evolve our solution, here are the features we are focused on specifically.  This blog post serves as an informative resource for companies looking for an all inclusive and affordable solution.


Data Enrichment:

Using the latest Lead411 API you are able to enrich and append our verified contact and company data to your own data set for enriching inbound leads or your current prospecting database with all of the data points below. https://api.lead411.com/docs/

  • validated email addresses
  • direct dial mobile phone numbers
  • technology data stack
  • titles, locality and company locality
  • social profiles, industry, bio
  • job openings
  • company info like revenue & size
  • triggers like fundings and M&As


Data Cleansing:

Using Lead411’s chrome extension, data append feature and API you are able to quickly append and cleanse your data within Salesforce or your own home grown CRM. Take your current dataset of contacts/companies and clean them up with our fresh companies and contacts.



List Building:

New advanced filters for Lead411’s List Building were added to the web application as well as the upgraded API. Here is a full list of all filters available;

  • Titles, Departments and level
  • City, State, Country, Zip(radius)
  • Industries or keywords from company description
  • Suppress your own customers or previous contacts
  • Limit by email or direct dial, etc.
  • Job Openings and tech stack
  • Fundings, M&As, Hiring plans and new offices.
  • Revenue & Employee size

Lead411: Updated Enterprise Level Features and Data Accuracy for our Fast Growing Client Base


Data Dashboards:

Upon logging into the Lead411 web application you will see a dashboard of our datasets and what has happened in the past 24 hours or week including how many company updates, people updates, news events broken down by funding, mergers, acquisitions, new hires, hiring plans, employment changes, etc.



Our chrome extension and our web application has built in integrations with some of the best sales enablement, crm and sales automation saas. Our chrome extension allows you to pull Lead411 data while you are browsing social sites and company websites, as well as append/enrich your Salesforce leads directly with Lead411 data. Other saas we integrate with include Outreach.io, Salesloft, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Insightly, SugarCRM, Highrise, Pipedrive, Keap, vTiger, Capsule, Nutshell, PipelineDeals, Close.io, SalesforceIQ, ZenDesk, PersistIQ, Hubspot, Quickmail.io, AgileCRM, Less Annoying CRM, Oracle, PCRecruiter, Freshsales and Salesfusion.


Market Intelligence:

Using Lead411 Intel you are able to gather Market insights using our competitive intelligence data, monitoring customer/account news events, and our TrackStar feature which gives you alerts on your accounts when someone at that account changes jobs. IN the screenshot you can see the red buttons mentioning Similar Companies(Competitors), branch locations, historical trends and job openings.

Lead411: Updated Enterprise Level Features and Data Accuracy for our Fast Growing Client Base


Reach – Automated Email/SMS Engagement:

Setup automated emails and/or SMS message campaigns, create custom templates, add contacts directly from the Lead411 platform from the advanced search or trigger results, track replies and opens, create tasks, follow up on social platforms, keep notes and more, all from our newest Lead411 feature inside of Lead411.  No need to export to a third party email platform and no need to login to your existing CRM to track opportunities. You can set up Reach and save valuable time because your workflow is all within the Lead411 platform!


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